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There is a new colony on Mars, but after a storm something is terribly wrong. Read More

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It's Amazing! You're on space, bro. Hope you can handle it. Read More
A legumineous tree that supports itself on poor soils and produce sweet pods for easy pickings. Lets call this tree 'Sweet Pods' or 'Easy Pickings' not Monkey Pods, Manila Tamarind or Madras Thorns. Read More
The green pods of Moringa tree also called Drumstics for its length is a delicacy when properly cooked. Juggernaut prefers to call Moringa rather than Driumstics to avoid confusion with Chciken legs Read More
The canopy of Tamarind tree is home for homeless; the green pods make sour chutney and the sweet and sour pulp from ripe pods is extensively used in many culnary preparations. Read More

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Saturday is shampoo day in most Hindu households. Washing hair with soap nut extract or Shika pod paste as shampoo was an ancient tradition but now replaced by shampoo from a bottle. Read More

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November 20, 2007

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He sowed the seeds, and tended them well. Read More
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