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It was hot out. Gold hated the heat, but not as much as Silver hated summer. Wait— That truck! Why is that? Why can't it stop?! Why is this repeating?! Why won't it stop?! PreciousMetalShipping, GoldxSilver Based on the song 'Heat Haze Daze' Rated PG for character deaths and blood.… Read More
The Dark Woods Circus is horrible but just how horrible could it be? In this AU of an AU you'll find out. 24 kids have been brought to this horrible place and only a select few will get out alive! Find out who in this story of love, death and… Read More
Crossover, Set in the Uglies Series. Gold, Silver and Blue are best friends and Ugly, waiting to turn Pretty. Blue would be the first to turn with Gold following. Silver would turn in five months after his friends. They were always tricky together and only the tricky ones were chosen.… Read More
It was supposed to be a nice night for Gold and Silver. They were going to hang out and have some fun. Too bad someone didn't want them to. Someone dies and they try to forget. But when the next year comes someone else dies... AU. Warning: Yaoi, Character Deaths,… Read More
Gold has been down a dark path before. He has tried his best to move on with his life. But every so often he looks back on what happened. Read More
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