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In 1922 Barnaba was born outside of Krakow. His mother died in childbirth. Not long after, and despite some good fortune, his life became a string of tragic losses, which changed Barnaba from someone he was, to someone he had not been. Barnaba began a psychological descent into darkness,… Read More
A young girl growing up in Poland in the late 1930's is forced to Immigrate alone to America to escape World War 2. Read More
I have read many autobiographies of 'survivors' of the holocaust, such as Night. I have taken a few classes studying the holocaust and my family has stories from it. The characters in the story are from my mind but the events described in them are real. I normally do not… Read More
Jadwiga was crowning King in 1384 at 11-years-of-age. Rich in detail about every-day life, the reader is drawn to Jadwiga and the people around her. Read More
Amos, a Jewish boy in Poland is captured and Amos finds himself in a place where executions are held everyday. Thanks to his talent at playing on a recorder he is saved for a while. Suddenly, he finds himself in a room where souls go on... Read More
Former Nazi guard, Oskar Groening, is now confessing to the murder of over 300,000 people of the Jewish community in a camp in Auschwitz. Read More
A compelling story depicting life in one of the worst genocides in history, the Holocaust. Read More

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In northern Poland, 17th century, a man named Radovan becomes enamoured with a younger man named Krzysztof, and him with Radovan. Krzystof realizes Radovan is not what he seems. Read More
It's 1941 in Poland, and nine-year-old Bryda Adamowicz is living a beautiful life in her little village... until Nazi officers show up and change her life forever. This is the untold story of the terror-ridden world outside the concentration camps, and the unique tragedy Bryda's village alone had to face. Read More
This autobiography describes what I have seen and/or done in various countries (Iran, Israel, USA, Italy, France, Slovakia, Switzerland, Greece, Scotland, etc.) Read More
Poland 1941. Brutal Nazi control has swept over the country like an ominous storm-cloud. How does a vigilante survive in a nation gripped by fear? One must keep their friends close, but their enemies closer. Read More
You don't notice everything in a day. People usually notice the things they want to notice. But think about the last time you actually SAW someone; saw their history, how alone they were, or how they are destroyed. Read More
Like all roller coaster enthusiasts, 17-year-old Rocco Falcone expects to get off the ride alive. But on this day, death is sitting right next to him in the form of a mysterious woman who has two aliases and one black heart. First, she hijacks his roller coaster back to where… Read More
A description of a time and place I once knew. Read More
Alas, my loves, another poem about ages past, and this time it's historically correct! The Polish ghetto was terrible, and the events leading up to the actual deportations made everyone's lives terrible. This is about a couple deported away to Poland and the awful sadness they feel and not wanting… Read More
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