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May 15, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

As usual, Richard Simmons arrives at the office on Monday morning, makes coffee, and waits for the rest of his corporate team to drag themselves in - hangovers and all. But wait. They're not here. They're not even in Chicago. They're in Paris, and there seems to be some problem… Read More
When a teenage boy is gruesomely murdered on the Whetham housing estate, all signs point to yet another gang killing ina troubled area. What neither the police, the gangs, or the besieged members of the public who live on the estate know is that Lewis Tytham's murder is merely the… Read More
The British Transport Police are a specialist Police Force that are primarily employed to Police Britain's rail network. Mal Manders is a rookie Cop and is about to take his first steps into the local law and order arena. He is new, very green, and not a natural Cop by… Read More
Dedicated to Ken Osmond (1943-2020) who died on May 18, 2020 Read More
Holly experienced change in her life after the death of her dear brother. Read More
A Story I actually wrote from a training experience. No persons involved in real life were officers yet, and some may never be. That said this type of simulator does exist. Read More
I wrote this in an attempt to publish as a freelance writer, the magazine said it wasn't for them so maybe it will be for the readers here. Read More
We are living in England's shadow. Convict nation. --- Veronika? I've never met anyone like you. I don't want anything. I mean it. I can be sober if you like. We don't have to be with my friends. It's up to you. I just want to see you. --- Read More

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Cover image: pixabay.com. Read More
NEW BOOK: "TEN X MURDERS FOR THE MIND" has been published and available on Amazon. Read More
There is things going on at the Manor House, murderous things. Read More
Breaking my peace was a siren as the police chased a car past my place. Read More

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Blake Daniels is confused by a mistake he made as a police officer. There is no excuse for it. When he speaks with a therapist, the reason for his mistake is revealed. It is more bizarre than anyone can imagine. Read More
Some countries drive on the left, so this story might confuse those who drive on the right. There's not much I can do about it. Read More

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Elaina is trapped in a nightmare, thanks to Lou. She is witness to his evil nature. Can she escape? Read More
A young man is on the run when he is caught. Read More
A poem based on the violent and murderous rampage of a deranged shooter in Nova Scotia, Canada. Copyright image from iHeartRadio. Read More
To successfully police the tens of trillions of citizens on the city world of Ciratha, thousands upon thousands of Police Officers join the force every single day. From administrators to SWAT to beat cops, the Cirathan Police Force, which numbers in the low billions, faces a crippling lack of resources… Read More
Clara Cowherd is not just the world's bestselling author. She's the world's only author - the only author that the world's only publishing firm, Little Brown Penguin, will publish and the only author available for purchase: book after book after book. You can get hold of other books - typewritten… Read More
This book is dedicated to recounting the cases of those who have gone missing in the United States (mainly the US tho exceptions might be made and will be marked). Along with the case information will be possible theories, tho most will be just based on articles read and not… Read More
Vince and Meixiang are forced by Randall to do a series of humiliating chores for him and conspires to escape Randall’s grasp. Detectives Jones and Penniman search for Vince, Ashton, Randall and Meixiang. Ashton is tasked with expanding business in Dallas but has trouble initially. Read More

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May 30, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

This is my humble tribute to the George Floyd, who died in such tragic circumstances. The event left a deep scar on my psyche and I think that incidents like this is huge step backwards for all Human kind. Read More
This story brings to the fore a Holocaust survivor, a youngish woman, and a Police officer in the NYPD.The ending is a reminder that we liev ina very dangerous world. Read More
The aftermath of Ashton and Vince's murder of Henry Tessman spins out of control- with Randall on the war path and John reconsidering whether he wants to be involved with Vince and the Crips at all in light of increasing law enforcement scrutiny. Josh and Francesca grow closer. Read More
"Sometimes we must know how to hate in order to know how to love." When a human skull is found beneath two yew trees in the Barrow Fells natural park, local police sergeant and his wife are lead down a path they will never return from. As the mystery unravels… Read More
What comes up, must come down... Read More
This is a criminology book where a rookie meets the washed up veteran. Working togheter, bonding over things that should have stayed in Gibson closet. Read More

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December 03, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

Four years after losing his wife, Olivia, Henry Walsh goes for a round of golf in an attempt to alleviate some of his pain. During the round, Henry battles both his thoughts and the golf course. With the loss of his wife, a rocky relationship with his son, and his… Read More
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