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Living in a way, as opposed to public policy,is bound to change. Read More
Make America Great Again, through hard work, sacrifice and union. Read More
A summary of libertarian policies on immigration and foreign policy in the Middle East, specifically related to the Syrian refugee crisis. Read More
Every one know what is honest but don't know this article may help you. Read More
It is time for America's wake-up call. Too long we have basked in the ignorance that we are a country with declining statistics on violence as making a safe citizens. Creating "Stand Your Ground", numerous "concealed weapon permits" is a stark indication citizens do not feel safe in America. Read More
In our modern day society who is actually in control? Have we as people willingly sacrificed freedoms and rights for convenience? Read More
An editorial concerning the problems with America's current laws and policies on marijuana and hemp. Read More

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October 12, 2011

How I hate my pyschology class Read More
The X Choronicles of Raphael's Dream starts out in the city of New Orleans Louisianna! A boy is born who falls from humanity in his later years, though early! In the years around thirteen and fourteen! This fiction however must be classified so, but is also true! Not symbolicly either!… Read More
This is an essay that I wrote about current drug policy and the negative implications it has on society. It was for a class I took in university. Read More
This is a statement regarding the use of different economic statements by such Presidents as Carter, Reagan and Clinton. Read More

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This discusses the way Socilists takeover a Country. Read More
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