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The Contently Deranged Travelers House

In the future, political correctness rules the unified West with an iron fist. Continues in SCARLET BEAST. Read More
My continuing struggle to understand the individuals place in a society that seems bent on making everyone equal. Read More
Politically correct means morally wrong! Especially when used in terms like Politically Correct Thinking! Read More
Poem about the evil of mind control and brainwashing people to submit to 'right thinking'! Read More
Australia's federal government has now strayed so far from democracy that not only is brainwashing compulsory in all schools, but they are now advertising a special online site for you to inform on your son if he is resisting politically correct training. The ads starts, "My son calls girls skanks,… Read More
About the evils of politically correct mind control, which is now compulsory in Australian Schools. There is even a federal informer line for parents who believe their kids are not politically correct enough. The ads. for this line say, "My son calls girls Skanks, is this over the top?" They… Read More
About the evils of political correctness in Australia - where white authors are not allowed to create Aboriginalk characters since the Aboriginal Elders claim they have a worrld wide copyright on Aboriginal characters! Read More
From the 1930 to the 1980s the young were the most important people in our society, because they were the freedom fighters who would not take bull from anyone. But over the last couple of decades, Generation_Y has become Generation_Sell-Out, who now accept, endorse and promote the politically correct status… Read More
An appropriate poem with the cricket World Cup coming up soon. The title means, "The Australian Cricket Board knocks out the Australian Test Team on orders of the International Cricket Council". Read More
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