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The Reformed World Church (RWC) opened its first-ever parish in Hell, setting a record of sorts. It is for the first time that any Church in the world accepted Hell’s special offer scheme and opened a center there. In an extraordinary gesture, King Lucifer graciously offered and promised more land,… Read More
Cenessa is on a mission. The people may be screaming now, but someday they'll understand. Read More
Short story about finding a value in a movie film, especially in the context of the current political situation. Read More
Welcome back to the Streets of Lechugaville and the heroic tales of the men and women of Lechugaville P.D. Introducing Peaches a La Mode, wounded and disabled USMC combat veteran and retiree, letting his inner woman out in the Streets of Lechugaville doing what he does best and enjoys most—pleasuring… Read More
there are reasons behind the act of philantropism. Read More
India- a country of plenty and poverty. True picture of Indian poor people. Read More
Con is a new guy working for a private security company hired to provide security work in a warzone. It is his first assignment, and already he had to work hard just to stay alive. Read More
These are the last words of Conrad Dover Smith, a once famed politician- his confession. Read More
John Peyton is the most important behind the scenes politician working for the United States Government. When a critical foreign agreement takes a drastic turn the aftermath is catapulted in the direction of his daughter, the rebel teeneager, Rosa Peyton. There are men and then there are monsters, which one… Read More
One of the last memories I have of my grandmother who died to cancer years ago, is the year before when she took me to an art museum. Just out side my brother and I found a pigeon tangled up in fishing wire. Its wing was tangled, and its foot… Read More
This is a little Short Story/Essay on how a dead man in Arizona is actually alive in a City in far Northern California. It is the story about how this dead man whose maybe a woman introduces himself to a man that wrote him when he was a man. It… Read More
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