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a miserable woman has discovered a monster within a pond she often visits, and starts to realize that the beast is the source of her unhappiness. Read More

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Poem / Poetry

February 18, 2020

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The Poems House

Not quite sure who the poet is talking to, so I guess it is for the reader to decide. And that is good. Read More
The second of a want-to-be-series by the same name. Hope you enjoy it. Read More

Tags: wizard, apple, frog, pond, milk

This is the first half of an age old story, witch changes prince into a toad, woman kisses toads, Yadah, Yadah, Yadah. But I took some liberties with the conventional story. Read More

Tags: prince, witch, woman, pond, toad

Rose Pond, the daughter of the doctor and river song, has her very first adventure. Read More
A rhyme you kids of all ages. Read More
Two (almost love) stories that would not stay out of each others way. So they ended up intertwined in an odd sort of way. Read More

Tags: love, magic, tree, sorrow, pond

A flower that blooms in adversity. Read More
An irony assignment I wrote last year. Read More

Tags: irony, funny, frog, pond

Bedtime story for kids, teaching them to be on their toes always Read More

Tags: wit, pond, snakes, frogs

Mondo was a huge elephant, probably the biggest. After eating a lot of food he became very thirsty and so searched around for water. The children at the boating pond were not happy to find that all the water had disappeared Read More
As told in this 600+ word ditty: Our hope to be different from others quite often leads to sameness. And sometimes that sameness causes nothing but trouble. Read More
The joys of swimming in a pond. Read More
the legend of king croaker is a short story about me catching the master of bullfrogs. Read More
A look at the obvious outcome, if you can see it. Read More

Poem / Romance

March 25, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

Tags: girl, boy, pond, 1965

A Tiger falls into a cave and receives good counsel from someone in the know. Does he heed the warning? Read More
An old woman living in a cave, all alone, and no one cares or wonders why.? Read More
Scene 3 The big birthday scene... happiness and joy all around. Read More

Tags: girl, boy, kiss, ducks, pond, 964

The story of Amelia Pond. Read More

Tags: doctor, pond, amy

If you didn't know the truth, what would you believe? The cops have surround the place, blue and red lights reflecting off the water. Cornelia can hardly recognize her old haven, especially since Nick is gone. Forever. Read More
Cover for contest - Life In The Time Of Coronavirus Story Project

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