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November 01, 2021

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Trying something new for me in the way I write poetry; more to the side of Prose I guess. --- This poem is just a reflection on one of life's situations; one I was familiars with years ago.. Read More
Many of you may know a little about my life. You may have read my writings about my military life, and how war changed me from a naïve young boy, into a disillusioned and scarred man, with no time in between the two to savor the pleasures and wonders of… Read More
Growing up with a Mexican heritage in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas meant being taught respect. Respect of our elders and respect for our “betters.” And “betters,” without much elaboration to small brown kids in the Valley back in my day, meant the Anglos, the Whites, the landowners. Read More
As the hot Texas sun scorches the dry cotton fields, the sorrow of despair and defeat could be seen in the lifeless eyes of men, women and children, toiling under the searing summer sun. There is a muted sound of sorrow emanating from their souls, that can break a cold… Read More
I was born in a valley of darkness and shadows. A place where the radiant rays of a summer’s sun could not pierce the unformed hearts of those who thrived on fear and hate and dread. Read More
The wailing of a child in hunger, the silent weeps of utter hopelessness coming from the bosom of its protector, weak and frail herself, wordlessly pleading in desperation, not for herself, but for her starving child. Read More

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Ah, a poem depicting a never ending story of sadness and betrayal. Read More
Experience the resourceful spirit of Clyde McCulley as he explores in memory his humble but adventurous childhood in rural Arkansas in the 1940s and 50s. Though flavored with the hickory smoke of a southern upbringing, McCulley's juvenile innocence and sense of wonder capture universal mysteries and dreams of childhood as… Read More

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August 02, 2020

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Jay Walsh is in a bad way; he was used to being poor, he had mostly been below the poverty line, but he is left scrabbling when his wife ditches him and their children, taking with her all of the family's savings. Working as a farmhand, Jay… Read More
This poem is about my uncle's colleague who was suffering with financial problem and how she got aided. I have written the poem in my uncle's point of view so that the emotions are well portrayed. Read More

Tags: life, help, poor

This story is typically a story of Langit siya Lupa ako. Obviously people who are very different and opposite to each other. Rich boy- Poor girl Kwento ng isang simpleng babae na ang tanging hinangad ay makapagtapos lang ng pag-aaral. A girl with determination, strong spirit,palaban at higit sa lahat… Read More
A flash fiction short story about coal mining in Appalachia many years ago. Read More

Tags: despair, work, harsh, poor, coal

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"This is so well written. You paint a very vivid picture with your descriptions." Read More

Is coincidence different than fate or are they the same? Some people say that meeting someone once is nothing special. Meeting a second time might just be a coincidence, but a third time just might be fate. Nothing good has happened in Ellery's life. Well, until she met him. Author's… Read More

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February 16, 2020

It’s easy to slip into a world of homelessness, mental illness or both. Do you think it could happen to you? I can’t answer that, but here’s what I do know: No one is exempt. Read More

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Tags: rich, change, laundry, poor

Sara Crews was wealthy little girl who got what ever she wants. Sara was also a kind heart little girl who was kind to everyone she met. Sara is going to board school. Sara become popular with her teacher and classmates. When Sara's father died and loses all his money,… Read More
how would you feel if you were sent an email asking you if you were dead, and the sender was none other than your mother. Read More
Rich or poor it doesn't matter Read More

Tags: poetry, rich, human, poor

There is a lot because of his poverty. In reality he was the son of a famous and rich father. Unfortunately, since the father had died in a distant place, he did not know that. Consequently he was spending his life in abject poverty and misery.One day astrologer visited… Read More

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Tags: rich, poor

A man encounters a street beggar and shows his true colours. Read More

Tags: man, child, beggar, poor

this is the story of two guys who fall in love in spite of the odds. (THis is NOT plagiarism, the story is already published on here, and it was a earlier account I had, I am just revising the story) Read More

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November 18, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Everything in Alesia is changing, why? So many questions is circling around the town, like why are they building a giant wall around the whole town. Even though Ariene tried her best to keep her and her sister out of it she some how ends up in the middle… Read More
A man has a dream (nightmare) about what his life could have been like, under different circumstances. Trump. Read More
There was one particular day in my life that I will never forget. I had an interaction with a homeless man. It wasn't uncommon for where I lived, because there were many homeless people in the city. We went to a local restaurant and he told me his story.… Read More

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October 11, 2017

After Lizzie's mother dies, her father goes crazy and sends her outside to sell homemade things. There are six children in the family, which Lizzie is not the oldest. Luke, Lizzie's favourite brother, is mad at their father for sending Lizzie barefoot in the snow. Luke decides to runaway… Read More

Tags: girl, snow, poor, runaway

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