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After preventing the 9/11 attacks, Logan Dara, Dicky Michaelson, and Andrea Elan deal with life in a post-non-9/11 world. In the year 2002, the three cousins destroy Harry Potter, deal with President George W. Bush, as well as face their biggest enemy while discovering some unexpected family secrets that could… Read More
An awkward young man will find out his true inner-self through a Molotov cocktail mix of Social Media and Evolution. Read More
A short story about the average day in a nursing home from the standpoint of both the residents and the staff. It takes place in a rehabilitation department. Why? Because as far as I know, there are no stories about this. And yes, its pretty accurate. Read More
Alay or 4L4Y is a pop culture phenomenon in Indonesia, which, has become a taboo among teenagers. How fatal is this phenomenon that it becomes a taboo? Find out more. Read More
Society can take you, lift you up then break you. It then leaves you seeking comfort from the misfits and strangers you used to belong too, before society and fame fooled you with it’s glittering lights Read More
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