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The Booksie Classic House

Aubin awakens to the shocking discovery that the entire population of the world has completely disappeared. The cause of the disappearance is unknown until she finds some very mysterious clues. Shaking with terror, she realizes she may be the only person that can help. She soon realizes she may not… Read More
A serial killer is using social media to kill their fellow peers, who may it be? Will they ever be stopped? Read More
This eventful entertaining book inspires and nurtures social and emotional truths, well suited for today’s modern society for the healthy development of young minds in their formative years. The newly encouraged young reader obtains the foundation and learning skills to identify with these progressive social values, such… Read More

Book / Fantasy

August 20, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Fraser Kael, a half black and white teenage boy, about to graduate high-school in two years. He has no idea what to do with his life yet. One day, Cole Anderson, his friend, tells him about a legend of a vampire asleep in deep ruins. Fraser says it's just… Read More
It all happened in an era full of unbelievable things.The era in which there were not many things which were hard to Believe. But the fall of shaman clan in a night made people think it's a Dream. It was a matter not just hard to believe but it… Read More
Sarah is not popular at Riverside high school, and lately she has been receiving a white rose with a note attached to it in her locker but she does not know who its from. just when Sarah and her friend Alison where going to figure this out Sarah broke… Read More

Tags: love, popular, shy, bullied

Was it real? Or was it just a game? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

How would you treat your cat? Read More

Tags: fun, cat, popular, kitten

Wonder what was hip in terms of women's fashion back in 2007? Wonder no more! Here I'll recall some of the clothing trends that were most seen back in that year of 2007-seen on the streets and in fashion magazines and catalogs. Read More
We were now at the middle of the decade. What did this mean for fashion tho? Here I'll recall some of the trends that I recall seeing in real life-on the streets, in school, in malls-and in magazines and movies. Do you remember these styles? Read More

Book / Romance

July 04, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

The air was frigid, it nipped and gnawed on the bare skin of my face, bringing it to a bright red color. The temperature measured 28 degrees Fahrenheit, but no snow fell. Only the cruel wind blew in the shadowy time. I marched through the old streets of Montana, pushing… Read More
What was hip in the middle of the 2000s? Had fashion evolved and somehow become it's own? Or were we still borrowing trends from the decades gone by? Here I'll analyze some trends that were common in the year 2005-as seen on the street, in high school and college, and… Read More
Do fashion styles change from year to year or do they retain some elements from the previous years? Here I'll recall some of the styles I recall seeing in the year 2004 (mainly women's styles seen in real life, in school, in magazines and catalogs of the time) Was fashion… Read More
Ever wonder what styles of clothing were popular in 2003? Believe it or not, every year brings a new style (especially when it comes to women's clothing). Fashion is ever evolving. Sometimes trends carry over from the previous year and sometimes get tweaked just a tad bit. Here I'll try… Read More
What was popular (in terms of clothing) in the year 2002? Did we finally leave behind the utilitarian look? Did another retro revival materialize? Read on to find out! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A simple message to all of human kind. Read More
A letter to my heart, soul, and future. To my reason for existence. To the person who keeps me alive and vibrant, each and every day. To my everything. Read More
What was popular in the world of women's fashion back in the year 1996? It was a year filled with new trends far different from what we saw in the years 1990-1995. Read More
Leah is what some might call popular.Sure having a lot of friends is cool but it's also hard... Read More

Tags: teen, growing, popular

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The Booksie Classic House

When seventeen year old Seth Foster moves into his new home with his family in Orson, Ohio, he finds that Becca Holbrooke is one of the few people who doesn't treat him like he's an idiot. It's something he's not used to, but Becca knows what it's like to feel… Read More
Laura's bizarre experience with a dress, just weeks from high school prom. Warning: May contain a plot twist! Read More
The Devil's Desire is a book about school children who wish to be more than just school children, what they seek is unlimited power a dozen followers and compare themselves to a modern day Jesus despite them being anything but holy. Explore each chapter as more and more life threatening… Read More
Else is everything that she has ever wanted to be, she's cute, popular, has amazing friends, and a social life to kill for. Cage is everything he never thought was possible, not only is he dead after a car accident that was bad enough to leave his ghost disfigured but… Read More

Book / Young Adult

July 14, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

Everyone is imperfect. It's the same for everyone. So how can the world of five imperfect former friends be so different? Read More
A candid summary and review of the merits to author JDK's self proclaimed story of "alright quality". Read More
??Time zooms passed me, but I am not aware of its presence. I know only that it has passed without him. He was my anchor, my light, my love. And now he is gone. ??I recall the accident like an endless nightmare I cannot wake from. The screams follow me… Read More
Marci is all ready for the partying lifestyle of college. But what she does not expect is a shy Christian roommate and no invites to parties. Desperate, Marci goes to church just for something to do. Once at church, Marci learns that not all roads lead to Heaven. Read More
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