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The Thomas Lance House

Oliver accomplishes a unique personal service of process. Read More
Interstitial is a novel set in Portland, Oregon. The principal character, Oliver Paige, was a young and prominent attorney, but after suffering a devastating personal loss, he makes ends meet as a process server. Oliver numbs his emotional pain through alcohol, methamphetamine, and a partnership with a former client. He… Read More
This is my last political satire. Everything has been said and pointed out, and until Corona is done. Maybe we can get our sanity back. Read More

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After the tragic death of Marina's close friend, she finds herself spiraling into a depression fueled by the loss of the one closest to her and her faltering grades. Given an unlikely second chance, she is desperate to turn herself around. Read More
Facing mounting pressures from classes, and a quarrel with Professor Mayhill, Ryan is encouraged to join a club at college, Michael misses his College enrollment deadline and is thusly kicked out of his house by his mom and Madeline begins at Portland Community college, and applies for a job as… Read More
Ethan and Kimberly are upset to hear of Madeline's change of life plans, Ethan announces his campaign for Governor but must tie up loose personal ends and Ryan tries to cool tensions between Madeline and Michael while also taking criticism of his KDGM performance Read More
Madeline and Oliver go to Portland and Madeline finds out the real reason Oliver wanted to go there, Mrs. Stem snaps during KDGM which prompts the filing of a formal complaint against her and Ryan, Eric and Brennan are caught hanging out in Ryan and Eric’s bishop’s house Read More
Dean Knight is a fresh off the mill stoner high school graduate in this classic american tale. After a short stint in Oregon he finds himelf back at his moms house in high times. He takes a job that gets takes him out of his mind and into an entire… Read More
So this a writting assingments about a short part of my life... Read More
A brief report on the Portland Underground, more commonly known as the Shanghai Tunnels. Portland, Oregon used to be one of the most feared places in the world during the Read More
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