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I will rise and lead. I will use my positivism as a weapon and let my hope become my shield against all the negative words of people, all that which tries to push me to the void, and all the cold winds coming to extinguish my spark. I will get… Read More
This article asserts that Logical Positivism is Flawed. Read More
This article discusses logical positivism and concludes that it is flawed. Read More
being prepared for a better day. hope for the future Read More
A story in which the reader decides that postmodernism is dead. Read More
This book is about promoting critical inquiry among a diversity of minds, it brings the element of scientifici discovery through recommendations of secular, unbiased and real method of research. It is pillared on Neibur Realism but balanced within Eco Ethics as a concept for green politics. Read More
It often happens that we are facing the dilemma of which interpretations should be given to certain ideas. Therefore we can distinguish three main approaches that I would like to call negativism, positivism, and neutrality, although they are not necessarily used here in their usual sense. Neutrality is counterproductive, because… Read More
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