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4 friends try to survive when terrorists take out the power grid. Read More

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The Land of stories House

It may be the end of the world as we know it, but the strategy for living is still the same. Make a plan, implement said plan, watch said plan go wrong, make things up as you go, and hope for the best. If you are lucky enough you… Read More
Rowan was no more than 18 when the world met its end. 10 years later, she has no home and little way of surviving. However, she's well known as the best hunter, survivor and soldier that has ever crossed the Ruins and would do anything to protect her 13-year-old tag… Read More
In a post-WW3 future where unprecedented destruction and genocide has created a culture of distrust between humans, what few humans remain live in relative luxury and abject isolation, substituting human interaction with AI 'therapists' and Virtual Reality. 'Eve', one such AI therapist, has embarked on a mission and rejected… Read More
A prepper helps a community to live through an electromagnetic pulse attack. Read More
In a world ravaged by aliens, known as "Demons" or more Formally the "Quinterrellects", there isn't much hope to go around. However, one of these Quinterrellects, partnered with a freelance soldier named "Maxwell", decide they've had enough of the Demons' tyranny, and there isn't much anyone can do to… Read More
"Listen, We don't know why were here, we don't know why we have these powers, we don't know what happened to the world, the point is we are here, we have these powers and everyone else is dead." Read More
A short story about the life of several thousand abandoned people after the exodus. ** I consider this to be my first official piece of work so don't expect too much from it. That said, I will be glad for any questions and (even though i may… Read More
Former college student, Max, awakes in his car surrounded by thick fog on all sides. His car won't crank, there's no one else around on this desolate highway. He leaves his car and starts walking down the highway where something sinister lurks in the shadows. Read More
A script assignment I did for my writing class. I may re-write it as a short story, but I might as well post the script version. Ten years after the apocalypse, a lone girl has survived eight years without human contact. She spends all her time painting. Read More
This was the first draft for an assigment that I did in my first semester of college, and it is also a smaller piece to a larger story (in the same universe as Black Hands). It's a short piece about finding something to smile about every day, even in the… Read More
In the year 2024, a science laboratory in Japan discovered a form of technology that could enhance the way of human living, by expanding the life of man to over 120 years. In the year 2028, the world underwent chaos at the hand of a group of prototype Cybers, or… Read More

Book / Science Fiction

June 19, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

Orson, a young man alone in a bunker meant to hold 8 survivors against the extraterrestrial threat, goes through his whole day, often listening to a lone radio broadcast describing the world's status. So maybe his view of the surface is a little skewered, sure. But a sudden intruder changed… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It's year 2030. It's 5 years after World War III broke out. No, there were no bombings, no nuclear weapons, no water poisoning, no mind controls. No, it didn't become the end of the world as what most of us have thought years ago. It was a modern battle. Against… Read More
I wrote this story based around a plot/backstory/characters suggested to me by a friend. Some of it is a bit silly and not intended to be taken seriously, but the majority of it is serious. You'll know which parts aren't. I won't be taking this particular story any further, but… Read More
A tale of a traveler in the wastelands. Read More
When the world is consumed by nuclear fire, you would imagine that everyone caught in the blast would stay dead. So did Thomas Rave when he witnessed a wall of fire destroy everything, but when he is found by some not too friendly tribes people, he finds that he's still… Read More
Pandemic Dawn is a post apocalyptic novel set in the near future. Book One and Book Two: Rise of the State are both available already in paperback as well as Kindle and nook. Synopsis: Taylor is just trying to find his son in this world of disease, anarchy and chaos,… Read More
Taylor is just trying to find his son in this world of disease, anarchy and chaos, and along the way discovers a ring of slave traders which forces him to make a heart wrenching decision. Should he help these women and children and risk never finding his son, or continue… Read More
A zombie apocaylpse story, a short story of losing the one person he loves and an unexpected ending for him. Read More
Sin is an assassin gifted with the ability to open a different dimension he created. He lives in the aftermath of a calamity that nearly destroyed a whole country, ruled by the very people that caused the tragic happening. Despite being an assassin, he has this dream of becoming a… Read More

Book / Horror

January 11, 2014

Everything goes to hell as we follow 16 year old Lewis on a mission. To just survive. Read More
I am the offspring of light and darkness the angel of death, a man who lived on kisses, society's over run by a group of flesh eating werewolves. Some will run, some will desecrate their soul for a sinful life of killing. I looked up to a master who showed… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A fence to divide them, a fence to confine them, a fence between life and death. A Dreamer's whim, and a Fool's mistake - cities now lies in ruins after a nuclear war. Those unfortunate souls that survived within those cities now face another grim future - if there is… Read More
In post-apocalyptic North America, there exists two sides: The CRISIS organization (those who want to rebuild and establish laws. They do not stand for individuality) and the Desert Rebels (Those who stand for individuality and lawlessness). There is no good. There is no evil. Just two extremes. Kat is the… Read More
The stories of of three survivors on a contemporary post-human Earth. Read More
In the wastelands of a once thriving society there is a legend. A legend of a man who can not die. He goes by many names, Captain, Commander, Chief, murderer, killer, devil, master. All of them work, all of them are true. However there is one name that everyone knows… Read More
America and China are in a war, America began drafting again and Aaron Darco is in the middle. he was drafted at 16, now a 22 year old Elite close combat fighter, he seems to disagree with what the U.S is doing, and wont stop at JUST disagreeing. Read More
The world is in ruin as zombies room the earth. Other creatures that were thought to be myth now run rampant. One person who surived by himself is now forced to work with other people to surive. (there is swearing) Read More
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