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the third short story following vance, a young traveling worker in the employ of the mutual frontiers company. a company whos frontiersmen perform any task from helping on a farm, delivering sensitive messages, to more dangerous tasks like guarding trade caravans and other mercenary works. Read More
This was my first ever movie script, but as most of you can see for a beginner I got side tracked too much and didn't plan it overall. Read More
Lara Everson is alone and on the run. It is the year 2020 during a time where the world is in chaos and ruins. Day time is now always near night and warm weather is always blistering cold. Just one year ago chemical warfare globally disrupted the way of life… Read More
Bane is a loner in the world. He travels throughout the western desert, keeping out of the clutches of the Organization Dictatorship and staying out of the Gangland territories. While stocking up on suplies in a town called Clipson, fate intervenes in the form of a young thief and escape… Read More
An epidemic has killed millions in the US, but only occurs at night. None are left alive, when it randomly strikes. So people can only call the Unknown. In purpose to "protect" and track the Americans left alive the Government as issued tracking numbers for everyone. Jaden only hopes the… Read More

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Hmmm... why does a short story need a summary? Read More
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