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A terran anthropologist muses about the development and structure of different alien civilizations as he watches the events of a less advanced species in a critical moment of their history. Read More
The Retrospect is a series of book reviews made by Mr. Fictitious. This is an opinionated review about the book written by John Grern, The Fault In Our Stars. Read More
The Retrospect is a series of book reviews made by Mr. Fictitious. This is an opinionated review about the book written by George R.R. Martin, Fire & Blood. Read More
Can something be so beautiful that it can become an obsession, even make you hallucinate that you actually enter it? That can be the effect of Stendahl syndrome. Read More
*holds up two fingers* "Pick numba free my lord" Advised the torturer, who then thought Hur hur hur. Farquhar indeed chose Princess Fiona. Little did he know she had a SECRET. Editor rant number 3 - POV (POINT OF VIEW) Read More
Another short story I wrote a while ago. Basically I was attempting to tell the same story through the narratives of the characters involved. Also I was trying a new time period and setting and plot/themes I hadn't yet tried before. All things considered I think I did a pretty… Read More

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A jumping in piece, with a piece of cake being at the center. Chronicles the time I donated bone marrow for my sister. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A prisoner is given bail and a new family. Read More
A story of two people who collide in a whirlwind of mob drama, family ties and past baggage that neither can let go. Will Ivan give in to his love for Holly and accept her past? And will Holly put aside her fears and allow Ivan into her life? Read More
Diva, Disfunctional Internal Virus Aggressor. The one and only one virus that even the 'Anti-Virus' can't stop. It has the power to control the computer by the will of the virus. It can opens or closes everything the virus would like to. What is the purpose of Diva? And who… Read More

Short Story / Horror

July 02, 2014

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It's happen to be a normal day for Frey Sieghart. A boy living alone at one room apartment, and also a hikikomori (NEET : someone who only sit in front of computer or someone who never going out from his/her home). But one day he decided to go outside and… Read More
Another short story without and ending. A tale of love thought to be forever lost in the year 2246 after the end of a great war that nearly destroyed humanity. We follow the tales of Ayla Noel and her love Arashi Takasu(name(s) subjected to change) as they both search for… Read More
Don't know what POVs are? Need help deciding on which to use for your story? Welcome! Read More
Two weeks.....two weeks I've been stalking this guy, getting to know him and his habits, it's been a fun pastime thinking of the ways to kill him! Read More
Darkness within :Urge For the first time in a year I feel it. It hits me, my day off I'm sat in a coffee shop (keeping up appearances, you never know if their watching! You can't know what they know until its too late) when it creeps up on me.… Read More

Book / Fantasy

February 01, 2013

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Ahlera is the country on the outskirts of the kingdoms. The citizens of Ahlera get their jobs chosen for them by different classes of saber-lions. These saber-lions travel each of the three districts choosing which ahleran they want. Inhabiting the Southern district of Ahlera (otherwise known as Vagrant-alley) lives Sah'scha,… Read More
I couldn't sleep that night and so to induce myself to sleep; I created a story in my mind where I was John Watson and someone else was Sherlock Holmes. I was a fan of puzzles and crimes even before I knew the legendary Sherlock Holmes, thus, I've always imagine… Read More
It was in the form of a question - "How do other people view the world?". Not literary, but just have their opinion of stuff. So I decided to do this - share you my point of view... about everything, from how I see the simplest things in the morning,… Read More
This is the second part of "The Whispers I Get At Night" this is David's pov. Read More
A short experimental tale told in multiple perspective about two poor teenage boys in Japan. Both live a life of poverty and both set out for revenge. Read More
So this is a piece I wrote for my boyfriend for his forensics act. It's an interior monologue (or an attempt at one) showing Rick's thought process as he lives through Just getting started. This is my first time writing a monologue like this so any kind of feed back… Read More
Brooke is a misplaced, out of the ordinary girl. She moves states to get away from the dramas in her life. But when she meets Andy Clemmensen, national rock-star, what other dramas will she encounter? Read More

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What does a 'name' have to signify a person? **Name of character is fictional** Read More

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Book / Horror

September 20, 2010

Macy is 16 and jason is 17 diffrences? Macys grandfather is jesus and she does not know and her mom is a angel jason? his father is satan his mother is a demon jason is evil while macy is not fate brought them together for a reason not for love… Read More

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Short Story / Other

January 23, 2010

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Follow me as I lead you behind the pilot's cock-pit door to witness a hijacking. This was just a writing assignment I found from my Grade 11 English class... Read More

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I wrote this poem a few years ago. It was my first published work. It's extremely personal which is why I think people like it. Read More

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