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Everything is fair in War and Love Read More
Many times be the author how to think like a genius for that is why you have a role in this Gods creation. How longest day may your creative potential help to innovate new solution is the greatest giveaway of your freedom here ? When you read this poem,… Read More
This is a funny little story I wrote so enjoy! Read More
Ever had an annoying moocher who won't leave you alone? Bob decides it's time to teach Luther Gracken a lesson. This stoy will be included in a frame-story collection I'm working on. Read More

Poem / Horror

November 27, 2013

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Practical jokes are foolishly dangerous Read More
A practical joke between good friends, played out across the pond, ends with tragic circumstances in north London. Read More
Derek Winterland is a very dominate linebacker for his highschool football team . The practical joker in him decides to pull a prank during the homecoming game but the consequences are far severe . Read More
25 pranks that get a great reaction out of your victim! They range from simple to a little complex and expensive, but worth it! Some are just pure evil, and others are you. :3 Enjoy. Read More
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