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i sustained "severe" (and colloquially life-ending) brain injury 8\8\12. tiloth chronicles the journey Read More

Book / Romance

February 06, 2014

Aspen's kept her secret hidden well since she discovered it, but once her family moves to a small town in New Salem, it's become quite the dangerous burden. Read More
Augustus is a struggling author who thinks he's God's gift. Read More

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I began to think. Isn't time just an invention of someone who wanted to know when life was over, so I turned it to the point of veiw of a game. This is my first time I have tried this so if you have any pointers leave it in the… Read More
If you've been searching for a teen book filled with stories of relationships,suicide,drugs and've come to the right place. Although, i'm pretty sure you could have picked up any book in the "young adult" section of Barnes & Noble and found a similar result. But this book is different,… Read More
Arizona King lost everything at a young age. Her mother, her house, her safety. The only thing the fire that destroyed her life left her was a severely damaged sister. But now, when fate threatens to tear them apart as well, will Arizona fight it or watch her life crumple… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

"The Eternity Sign" is a thriller that looks ahead. Critical reading that calls for reflection and consideration. Today, things move fast. People are trapped in banal, superficial and fragmented lives, leaving too little room for the big, important issues. Just as, we lose touch with nature, we lose touch with… Read More

Book / Fantasy

June 17, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

A shady company employs children as scouts to enter a fairytale land and steal magic, creatures and land. Fugitive siblings are press ganged into a big mission, but it looks like someone else is watching them, too. Read More
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