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A prequel to my published paranormal romance series, this story shows a glimpse of the main character of Finding My Lich (Eric) when he was a young child -- as shown from the point of view of the angel that secretly helped him. I may add more chapters from Raphael's… Read More

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Autism Before the Rouses. Read More

Book / Action and Adventure

October 06, 2018

(Prequel to Wraith following the character Slade) After being left in a dumpster, a boy is found on the verge of death by an assassin on the way back from an assignment. This story follows it's aftermath. (Thank Kathrina Csernis for this) Read More

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The epiphany of a good time! Lose yourself in this masterpiece of a story about Tom, and his infatuation with a shotgun. Explosions, superpowers, and golden temples await in this exciting new story! Read More
The prequel to two more stories, titled I'm Searching and I Found You, all stories of how one child who was horrifically grafted to an animatronic and sold into businesses, causing major incidents. Kole Smith, after being grafted, searched for his father who he thought could reverse it all. Read More

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Bryson Greenworth has worked his whole life to build SeaCorp into the sprawling conglomerate it now is. As he lays on his deathbed he recieves a visitor, his son. Read More

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Book / Fantasy

December 03, 2016

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I finally realized my destiny when my story came to a close and I realized that I was the villain all along. Imagine my life as a game, a game where you have to save everyone. But as you go throughout the game you have to make harder questionable decisions.… Read More

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This is the story of Melissa Cauthryn, the girl he tried to murder. Enjoy the sequel/prequel to I Am Not A Murderer. Will you understand her or will you side with him? Read More

Book / Romance

October 01, 2016

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This is a prequel to my novel, Counting Rainbows. A prequel (if you weren't aware) is like a sequel, but instead the events in the book happen prior to the first book. It is recommended that you read Counting Rainbows first. This story will be told in the point of… Read More
THIS IS A PREQUEL TO MY NOVEL 'NO REST FOR THE WICKED'. SO IF YOU HAVEN'T READ IT YET, I SUGGEST YOU DO THAT FIRST. I classify this story as a 'short novel'. It's about what happened before the events of No Rest For the Wicked. It explains Jimmy's life… Read More
This is the prequel to The Screaming Raven (originally posted on on 10/14/14); brief, but it gets very violent at the end. Read More
The prequel to the night the bubble burst. Change is imminent. Read More

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Fan fiction prequel to "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson, taking place 70 years before it. This is just a section I've completed so far, which would go somewhere before the middle of the story. Read More
Serenity just wants to find a good, wealthy husband to take care of her. Instead, she finds herself prisoner of an immortal man in a world far different from her own. Serenity makes choices that affect the future of this strange world. In the end, she unknowingly helps to create… Read More
Edin is a simple man. He follows the rules put forth by the gods of Ilmarinen. When he meets a mysterious woman, Edin begins to make choices that affect the future of his world. He unknowingly helps to create a prophecy that will change everything. It is the beginning of… Read More
Possibly a prelude to a novel or something. I'm not sure how good it really is, but I'd love if you read it! It's a deadly-encounter type of story between man and beast, that could branch into something later. Read More
Alice, in a first person point of view, tells about her complicated past. This includes how life was for her and her twin sister Shinda, and how drastically their lives changed when they learned of their shadow entity powers. Alice also tells of how she acquired her Reaper powers. Read More
I wrote this as a kind of prequel to Vampire Weekend's song, Hannah Hunt. It's about the fallout of a relationship that started out as fruitful. Read More

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A boy goes on a quest and returns as a king. On the journey he must overcome evil wizards and save his kingdom, but will it cost him his true love? This started out as a bedtime story I told my little sister and she seemed to like it a… Read More

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Before AA, before the overdose, before he met Evelyn, Ana and Adrian were meant to be.... or, so he thought. This is a prequel of sorts to Let The Rain Come Down. And this time, it's Ana's turn to tell her story. Read More
This is the prequel to my short story "Is Anybody Home?" as promised! Hope you enjoy! :D Read More
Glitches by Marissa Meyer Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

April 25, 2013

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A preview of what is to come in my future books. Read More
In the prelude to "Death on all Sides", Cpl. David Stokes finds himself and his team in trouble when they are caught inside an enemy facility where the odds of escaping are 99 to 1. Read More
My review for the new sci fi movie Prometheus directed by Ridley Scott. Read More
The prequel to Sooner or Later, written for my Culminating Activity in my Writers Craft course. It is suggested you read Sooner or Later BEFORE you read Thunder and Rain. In this story, the point of view shifts from Andie to Trey and the two parents Jocelyn and Jonathon. The… Read More

Poem / Poetry

December 04, 2011

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This is the prequel that ERcubed requested, hope it sounds ok... please comment Read More
melanie wants to fit in.... a family to call her own.. but her true colors come from "their" presence. Read More
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