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This is a short historical fiction in the form of a Journal being kept. Oh the lack of tragedy! Read More
A glimpse into the lives and times of the colorful couple who helped lead the country through a crippling depression and devastating world war Read More

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The blue wolves House

This is a poem of a piece of Japanese propaganda I found. Read More
This is a story about the king-ships that never ended and the power money brings.--- How much of it is true? You be the judge. Read More
Coincidence, fate, or historical happenstance? Read More
This is my take on the power struggle of God vs money Read More
The lives of the two youngest daughters of John and Abigail Adams. From birth, to unfortunate deaths, to the White House. (Both daughters did not really exist. All other characters, however, are real.) Read More
What starts off as a terrorist's/assassin's boast that they will kill the next seven presidents of the "Republic" soon becomes something much darker as the presidents begin to die. But then what will happen to a society where power is all and the most powerful are doomed, are we all… Read More
There have been many great presidents on both sides of the political spectrum of Democrats and Republicans. No matter what bad tendencies they both may have, both parties have brought our way of living into perspective and without them we would probably either be dead/unborn or living in poverty and… Read More

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