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Nrekeeka 'Keeka' Seldon knows what it feels like to lose loved ones. First her father, then her mother, and now her sister has contracted the deadly Amaran virus. The Parset Department of Health and Welfare has been searching for the cure for decades, only to come up empty-handed. Desperate, they… Read More
Blurb: Seventy years have passed since Julia took Samuel’s deal and agreed to help the Resistance overthrow the Vampire King. She and the rest of her ka-tet have lived in relative peace as her strength and abilities develop. Her tranquil life is shattered with the arrival of… Read More

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"What if the Declaration of Independance was never written?" ... I was asked this question and began to produce the following production, "The Wrong King". Freedom is non-existent, only prisoners and people exist, no citizens or passer-byers. This is a small preview of what is to come of this novel. Read More

Book Review / Fantasy

December 03, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Imagine , suddenly you have to rescue the dreams from everyone. Ellin Thunderring is an ordinary calm girl. Not really special things happens in her life. But one day in her dream , she meets a mysterious boy. She has to become a hero. Read More
This is what I have so far. Give me feedback and let me know if I should keep going. Read More
The Wolf of Direwood, Mortema. An omen of death to many, said to kill any who enter the fabled Direwood. But things aren't as they seem in Direwood. A true evil has arrived, and plans to Mortema in her grave. This is the preview to my novel Direwood, containing Chapter… Read More
Born, and raised from the Bronx, New York area. Charlotte was always destined for stardom. Now relocated in L.A, California, her new adventures as she reaches to raise to the top. A diamond in the rough. This is only a few pages of Chapter one.(So bare with me folks) Read More
A boy in his youth reflects on his first love, who died during their last summer before graduation year. He begins to see her and has conversations with her. Are these conversations real, or is she a figment of his imagination? [[If this gets lot's of reads I will start… Read More

Book / Fantasy

October 30, 2013

This is a sneak-peak of the novel I a writing. Hope you like it. :) Read More
Just looking for some advice, this is just the main idea. PREVIEW Read More
This short preview of a new story I'm working on, a little bit based on the game series, Kingdom Hearts. Coming soon!! Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

April 25, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

A preview of what is to come in my future books. Read More
This a preview of my new novel: Fallout North. This one will NOT be posted on Booksie as it is one: still in the beginning stages and two: I want to try this as my first published novel. Fallout North is a story about survival of Nuclear War for a… Read More
Another preview of my work-in-progress dark fantasy novel. In this one, something long forgotten and inherently evil stirs in the bowels of the world. Its time is close at hand... Feel free to comment! *This is taken from a work in progress and in no way represents the final quality… Read More
This is an excerpt from a book I am in the process of writing. The book will be a dark fantasy/horror with a Northern European-style setting about a bard, Ragnar, who is enlisted by a king to write songs about the king's exploits in the final stages of a war… Read More
The story takes place in the fiery depths, in the kingdom ruled by Lucifer, Hell. The two main characters, Ayama and Arashi Ayama Is the main character, an ex-thief who had, at a time stolen from Arashi Arashi Basically the son of Lucifer Read More
This is a preview of my newest novel: When the Bell Rings. The first chapter will be uploaded by March the 1st, 2013. Read More
These are my characters for my soon to come horror/romance story! Please tell me what you think of them! Read More
Similar to the Percy Jackson series. The Rising Empire is about a 15 year old boy that is related to an ancestor of the Inca Empire. Read More
This is a preview for a novel I plan to write. This idea, which has been developed, has been with me for over seven years. I hope I can impress you. Read More

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This is almost like the hunger games,but more for little kids. It has some fighting so be aware. For ages 8 and up. Read More
Just wanted to share my daughters story she started to write. Its about a "popular" girl who is living in different countries and gets a bad injury. Read More
The Big Battle is about a 11 year old girl who is battling cancer and has to deal with an insane dad. While all that is happening the girl's brother is getting older and drifting into the dark world. Read More
I'm writing my first nove "Legion: Death For Love" here is the preview and the character's pictures Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Maya thought she was a normal teen with a normal life until she meets Theoryn who tells her she is actually the love of his life and that her desicion will decide the fate of their two tribes. Read More
this is just a preview of the upcoming novel coming to booksie called "JaCoB'S cLuB" Read More

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