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Love and commitment versus ambition and pride. Read More
A story for ur picture about foolish pride and Western deeds Read More

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Poem / Poetry

June 29, 2020

Pride... Read More

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Death be not proud... is it? Please review. Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 04, 2019

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"He resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble." Read More

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Taylor Bridges is a 26 year old lesbian woman from San Francisco, California. Read on to find out how she uses her job to her advantage in proposing to her girlfriend Megan. Read More

Tags: love, gay, lesbian, girl, pride

My Love for my Angel has grown so much over the month, that I wanted to show her how much she means to me. Happy Anniversary Angel - it's belated but I still managed. Love you Read More
How can a flower bloom without direct sunlight? Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 05, 2018

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Tags: anger, pride, malice

Poem / Romance

September 09, 2018

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A short story about parental pride and a son's understanding of it. Read More

Featured Review by hullabaloo22

"Wow, well that was some emotional read, Kevin. It certainly did not go where I was expecting it to. Excellent use of the prompt!" Read More

In a time where it feels like there is little hope for South Africa-this will show South Africans like myself, even people from other nations, that South Africa is a proud and patriotic nation. Read More
United States Captain and demigod Kallie Veandra shares her story and her words of wisdom of how you can't let stereotypes get you down. Read More
Outwitting the stereotype... Read More

Poem / Memoir

November 15, 2017

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A poem by a somewhat insecure African American woman Read More

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Abandoned as an infant... Surviving on the streets... Found by a man who knows more about who they are than they do... What would you do if someone tries to take away a family you just found? Read More

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This is a set of 7 poems focused on the 7 deadly sins without using their names. WARNING: deals with some strong themes. Read More

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August 23, 2017

Will this dancer let go of her dreams or will she stay. Read More

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Poem / Non-Fiction

July 25, 2017

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The boy, was a girl instead. Read More

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Things you would normally get angry over, should be revisited in order to see the truth in the situation. Only then can you see your own faults. Read More
I wrote this poem to commemorate Pride Month. As an out-and-proud gay man, I feel it's my responsibility to represent my community everywhere I go. There are still many stereotypes that minimizes us; there are still people who believe we belong in Hell. We've got politicians trying to strip us… Read More
As we are in Pride Month, I wanted to publish some poems dedicated to the love of my life. After many heartaches throughout the years, I finally found a guy that loves me, respects me, and supports me all the way. We've been together for fourteen months now, and we've… Read More

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