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Story of a women who fell to darkness Read More
In the near future, humans discover that the Earth is NOT the only inhabited planet. And that happens by a visit from the space, the UPO (the United Planets Organization), to add the Earth to the organization. Each planet is inhabited by people who look at humans but they have… Read More
A waltz from my book Madrigal, that feels simular to sleeping beauty's "once upon a dream" with a simular chord progression to "when you wish upon a star." Read More
We know that every princess-hopful wants thier dreams to come true, but what happens when that wish is granted literaly? Madrigal is that young women. She dreams of love and the life she deserves, but when the fairy of dreams gives Madrigal exactaly what she promises, it is more than… Read More
16-year-old Scarlett Rose is a princess that nobody knows about. She is being forced to marry a very important prince from another kingdom, even though she doesn't love him. 15-year-old Athena Thorn is the sister of said prince. Prince Julian Thorn finds out Scarlett is endangered by her family and… Read More
Princess Lily thought of fairies the way some girls think of "bad boys." If a fairy had shown up at Castle Starling wearing a motorcycle jacket and a disrespect for authority, Princess Lily would have been head over heels before he spoke a word with his pouty, mutinous mouth. So… Read More

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"A fantastic children's fantasy book, that is well written. The characters are original, and the story is full of humour." Read More

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My friend doesn't think I have a chance of getting myself a princess. Read More
GoMang must save Su-Su, encounters the Flang-Chong Dragon Read More
This story is about Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Brave, Frozen, and Tangle crossover. King Charles and Queen Jane are having a party for their daughter Princess Pollyanna when Eve curses the princess with ugliness. Mindy gives the princess the gift of inner beauty and a heart of gold. King Charles… Read More
After 1,000 years a princess wakes up and sees her castle, kingdom and world in ruin. Who will show up, will she discover what happened, will she ever see her loved ones again? Read More

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I believe that we can get the right date for the Exodus; an Exodus which really took place. Read More
Louisa is from the kingdom of Kovina. Augusta is from the kingdom of Xerenia. When meeting at a ball, they fall in love. Their parents do not know or suspect anything since they have taught them both to love only princes. But what will happen when they are forced to… Read More

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Fairy tales can teach us life lessons, such as to not hold vain possessions at a higher value than responsibilities or loved ones, be selfish, or lose hope. Otherwise, you might miss the opportunity of a greater reward. cover by: pixabay Read More

Book / Fantasy

March 04, 2020

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Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a princess and a prince. And also an Evil Queen, an elf, and a pirate. The princess wishes her life would go back to normal. The prince wants nothing more than to save the princess. The Evil Queen wants to… Read More

Short Story / Other

November 10, 2019

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After the big fight and the redivals oversaw the seven magical kingdoms in the forest. After everyone started to hate them, it was thousands of years later when Queen Midnira twins were born and both decided the Redivals will be finished. When Prince Niderudion and Princess Nivillerua do everything to… Read More
This princess was special. My poem. Read More
A humorous tale of how a man's curiosity took him on a most extraordinary adventure. Read More
A short story that I am working on that takes place in the war of the gods series Read More
Sara Crews was wealthy little girl who got what ever she wants. Sara was also a kind heart little girl who was kind to everyone she met. Sara is going to board school. Sara become popular with her teacher and classmates. When Sara's father died and loses all his money,… Read More
A princess cast away from her own world, ends up in ours, only to be pulled back later in life, destined to save her world from an evil sorcerer. Read More
A story about a dragon and a princess but not a cliche. Read More
A girl is given a pocket on her 13th birthday. She opens it and sees a picture of a woman she does not know. Before she can think, she is whisked away to a place car away and is lost in time. S he finds herself at the Royal Princess… Read More

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Book / Fantasy

February 17, 2019

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In the midst of a world war between human and beasts, a young princess finds out her true destiny. The dragons who were once at peace with humans, and the earth they lived in, are now forced on a contention for there own freedom. They are bound to bigotry, and… Read More
I hust started this work for a laugh. Let's see where it gets me. Read More
Narrator and the youngest sister from book, Leyla switch bodies and get into different worlds- Leyla in real world, Narrator in world of book. But, life of princess is not how she throught it might be... Read More
The third and the last part of story about princesses who control seasons- this time Mona, the third generation of princesses of Autumn, along with her family comes to real world, but her roots wants her to return back ... Read More

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The second part of the story- After a big tragedy, Mimi takes care of prince and princesses, but secretly plans to take throne and make enemies attack them, which leads to further tragedies... Read More
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