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last chapter ..mental health Read More

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Chapter 8 , prison and society Read More

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chapter 7 alcohol Read More

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suicide and self harm Read More

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the story of two decades working within the UK's prison service, an honest and gritty re-telling, that will be posted in varying parts Read More

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He is in jail . A number of strange things are happening. When will the sun finally shine? Read More
Twenty years in prison for something you didn't do... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I just got out of graduate school, it was my first year at a law firm. I was the rookie. The underdog, the firm that I worked for didn't let me do major cases just yet, so I have been looking into cold cases that have been piling up in… Read More
Author Julius Kimya Humphrey, Sr.’s “The Chocolate Man: A Short Story,” is intended to give readers a deep glimpse into his upcoming series The Chocolate Man. While their narratives are fiction, it depicts segments of American history that actually affected the country’s Black race and the way millions of Black… Read More
join Michae N. as he journeys from feral abandoned child to ward of the state to human trafficker, prison inmate to wild feral adult homelessness and international watch list. Read More

Poem / Non-Fiction

March 08, 2020

In Kimya's poem, "What If?" he reminisces about how his life may have been different if we lived in a world without racism. Read More
This is one of many stories that I've published on Quora. I have nearly 3- million views on Quora, so I decided to try this to show off my stories. Read More
UNIQUE CHARACTER, DEATH, RAW, PRISON, LIFE, HUMOR, SORROW A young Public Defender works to help a unique inmate, caught in the inescapable grasp of a vicious incompetent Parole Officer and a broken justice system. Read More
Bringing the inside, outside the prison wall. Our effectiveness in the public can improve if we rethink the scientific, social, legal, and ethical ways of an issue instead of trying to articulate our case on Scripture alone. Christians should develop effective ways to communicate biblical morality to our secular culture.… Read More
There’s scientific evidence that implementing healing modalities prison and parole programs can reduce recidivism 15 to 20 percent meaning that, we could reduce the number of repeat offenders by nearly 100,000. Read More
Author Julius Kimya Humphrey, Sr., recently sent me information to insert into Chapter One, “The Offspring of Revolutionists,” in his book I’m editing titled, “The Evolution of Neocolonialism from Plantations to Prisons: The Ramifications of the Ball and Chain.” However, I found this excerpt to be so profound I would… Read More
Kimya's journey from the streets to prison to finding redemption. Read More

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A life sentence in an alternating hellish prison brings him ever closer to death Read More
Gerald is back but his plan to escape prison is in effect and now the police are forced to find him and execute him. Read More
A man on the brink of being freed from prison, finds himself housed with a violent cellmate from whom there's no escape. Read More

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The Abandoned House

It is a prison with no escape, even death doesn't free you from this place. Set in the Kitten and Mutt universe. Read More

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"A well-developed combination of scifi and dystopia, Ian, with a good few true facts thrown in. Excellent work." Read More

A young girl meets a prison boy and without knowing why he is in prison, she volunteers to bail him out. What she does not know could lead to tragedy. Read More
Just a few things I jotted down. Something i hope to be part of something bigger related to my sons incarceration Read More
Rilee Bridges confesses to her boyfriend mistakes she made when she lived in Los Angeles. JJ visits the man that murdered her father. Several hours after he ask JJ to forgive he is found deceased in his cell. Read More
A misdialed phone number brings Donovan to Sandia’s front door. He thought he was to teach Braille to a blind person, but she thought he was a disability attorney. When Donovan learns of Sandia’s and her grandfather’s dreadful circumstances, the Braille lesson is forgotten and he embarks on a mission… Read More
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