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My mind is rampant!!! I have just finished the tedious task of scanning, stapling, reading word for word dictation, piling up a huge stack, my 69 Love Letters, 2 pages each, written to my Mother Mary, by my Father Arthur E. Oberg, 1951 through 1953, while living in prison for… Read More
My Prolegomenon, Chapter14 Web of Love Letters, tells the tale of a Cowgirl who loved her Cowboy! But pregnancy cost money, and Art told Mary he would get the money, so they could be married and live happily ever after! But Mary would find out soon enough, love wasn't all… Read More

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"Updated entries...., evidence for My SLAG VALLEY SECRETS, my book. I cry, I get angry, I can control the dictation, but not my emotions, for my ..." Read More

life in federal prison is difficult, especially if you walk around with your chest poked out like a tough guy. lil cee learned this first hand when someone actually bought one of his wolf tickets. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

There is a way to be imprisoned without being in prison. Photo (c) Pexels Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The consequences of emotions that ran out of control. Read More
An inexperienced prison guard named Budo finds himself in a deadly situation, when one dark day in November a group of unwanted guests break their way into the facility before effectively taking the place over. Budo must team upon with two dangerous inmates in a desperate bid to escape alive… Read More
An interview with Christopher Scarver, discussing his books of poetry, his time in solitary confinement, and his opinions on American prison reform and rehabilitation. Read More
When you have good intentions, you are hunted in real life and haunted in the dreams. You must tame your ego above these forces so that they won't twist your intentions into evil. my struggle to make a good change in my hometown community has been guided by deep meditation… Read More

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He has been called to the secret ploice department for questioning. Is it really questioning or returning to jail? Or what!? Read More
photo (c) unsplash Read More
Before his scheduled execution, a condemned man discovers a terrible secret. Read More
He is all in darkness. It's the last hour of his life. He is totally confused. What is he to do? Read More
Video games may not be so innocent... Read More
He is in great danger. He has to run away somehow. What is he going to do? Read More

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Death seems to Robert "Ziggy" Zigstrom to be the only option left in his worthless life. He's been kicked out of the Navy, served time in the brig, lost his job, and worst of all, lost his woman. Then in the middle of a suicide attempt in his beat up… Read More
Prison literature has existed for as long as writing has. Something about the old saying that the pen is mightier than the sword rings very true. Book burning, suppressing writers and journalists, incarceration of creativity and the death of creators litters human history. But they are the ones who are… Read More
This is a sequel to Eye of the Hurricane, showing the "villain" from that story in prison and other characters from the past story. Read More

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This is an essay written for a research project in my nursing program. The project asks us to write about a movie depicting mental illness, and to speak about the relevant DSM-5 criteria. Following the essay, I've included a letter written to the commissioners of justice in the state of… Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 18, 2020

A short poem I wrote about the passing of my step-son's biological father and the errosion of our relationship. Read More
He is in jail . A number of strange things are happening. When will the sun finally shine? Read More
Twenty years in prison for something you didn't do... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I just got out of graduate school, it was my first year at a law firm. I was the rookie. The underdog, the firm that I worked for didn't let me do major cases just yet, so I have been looking into cold cases that have been piling up in… Read More
Author Julius Kimya Humphrey, Sr.’s “The Chocolate Man: A Short Story,” is intended to give readers a deep glimpse into his upcoming series The Chocolate Man. While their narratives are fiction, it depicts segments of American history that actually affected the country’s Black race and the way millions of Black… Read More

Poem / Non-Fiction

March 08, 2020

In Kimya's poem, "What If?" he reminisces about how his life may have been different if we lived in a world without racism. Read More
This is one of many stories that I've published on Quora. I have nearly 3- million views on Quora, so I decided to try this to show off my stories. Read More
A young Public Defender works to help a unique inmate, caught in the inescapable grasp of a vicious incompetent Parole Officer and a broken justice system. Read More
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