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Detective Calloway Stevens is a private eye investigator for the Whitewater Detective Agency. Usually jewel thefts, family disputes, nothing major. But when Joplin Redmond is found face-down in her pool murdered, it's up to Detective Stevens and Lieutenant Danielle Schroder to find out who killed her, and why. Read More
First chapter of Two P.I.s Are Better Than One Read More
Philip Marlowe, private detective, takes on a case of plagiarism, but things gets ugly fast as a case of stolen lyrics leads to a bitter conflict of revenge. My emulation of the quintessential hard-boiled detective created by Raymond Chandler. Read More
Tom Mcgregor is just trying to make a living. It's just that there are some others that would rather he didn't. Read More
In the eyes of the forgotten, what will you see? Happiness, or the other side of me? - Elle N.S Vaughn Read More
Thomas Mcgregor is a PI who is financially running on empty. He reluctantly takes on some bounty-hunting work to pay the bills. Read More
A small town girl moves to New York after a traumatic event. There she is employed as a "private investigator" by a questionable employer and a bartender by a hunky but rude manager. It's not really a romance, but more categorizable as adult fiction with some humor throughout. It's not… Read More
Rona Shively is a private detective. She’s smart, she’s sassy, she’s seriously confused. She’s also got to pay the rent, so she takes on yet another crazy case. Her new client, Ted McCafferty has asked for her assistance in finding out what happened to his sister. All reports say that… Read More
Rona Shively has seen a lot of things in her day, but nothing like the case brought to her by Gilbert Delvecchio. He is looking for his ex-wife, and she's definitely not the woman he married. Before she knows what is happening, Rona is swept into a web of deception… Read More
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