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The Review Chain is holding a contest, anyone is welcome to join. Read More

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An informal contest designed to practice the art of poetry Read More

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Take a look at the latest contest for the Review Chain, there's some great prizes on offer! Read More

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Enter the "1000 Words Contest" by commenting your entry below. Guidelines, prompts, and prizes can be found in this article. Deadline is May 10, 2016 at 12PM. Have fun! Read More

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Sorry the results came a little late, but here they are! :) Read More
Hi, my name is Jane Conner, and this is my dark fairytale competition for novel writers! If your interested in participating check out the information below, and I can't wait to see what you come up with Read More
These are the results from my short story writing contest with the prompt, "You find something buried in the snow that shouldn't be there." Read More

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This is a short story contest for the following prompt: "You find something buried under the snow that shouldn't be there..." Read More
So this is were all of my short contests for short stories will be. Plus all of my contest winners Read More
This weeks short story contest theme is "Famous Last Words"! Be sure to check out the rules and prizes on my page, and enter now! Read More
hey! wanna try this competition? the prizes are pretty good, and your guaranteed to enjoy it! choose one piece of music from the list as inspiration and see where it takes you.... Read More
Poetry contest of the week: use the concept of something "hidden" in your poem! ou can choose to use the word as your theme, have a hidden meaning, or literally hide something within your poetry or stylizing. Check out my page for prize packages that three talented Booksians will receive! Read More
Short story contest of the week: use a song lyric in your story! Check out my page for the prize packages that three talented Booksians will receive. Good luck, everyone! Read More

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This is a challenge that I am hosting. Quick and simple: Pick a number Pick what you want (Quote, picture) Genre Rating Read More

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HI! are you interested in the competition? why not get involved? FIRST PRIZE: I fan you and I read and comment on EVERYTHING you've written, also one character of your creation appears in my novel, silver sparrow! SECOND PRIZE:I fan you and read and comment on one piece of work!… Read More
Guess who's back? Last time I used this site, I never really got much done. I didn't write any full novels, and short stories. I only STARTED things. And for once I would like to finish. Fancy joining a bran new contest? A competition better that no other? All you… Read More

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This is the Mystery And Fantasy Contest ^^ Info below Read More
Do you like making book covers? Then check this out! Read More

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Picture contest!!! My 1st contest. Plzz join XOXO Read More
This is my first ever contest. Read to find out more information. xx Read More
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