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I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. In my view, both parties represent the two sides of the same evil sword that is cutting us apart. Each party carries a goody bag filled with some good apples (policies) and some poisoned apples. Which ever party you should support, you… Read More
A dreary building, on a similarly dreary street. A young girl making a choice, and an angel watching on the side lines. Read More
Roger Carver, 35, living life to the fullest, and in for one hell of a wake up call, and a long wait to be reunited with the person he cares for most. Read More
Welcome to the orphanage, where children wait to either be united with their mothers or be killed in horrific ways. Shockingly, the children in this story are not fiction, but are based on the real-life children whose lives are, literally, torn apart each day. The readers come to know these… Read More
in the wake of a bill being dropped allowing children to be aborted up until birth, i thought you should know what exactly is happening to your baby before you kill them. Read More
what would you choose if given the life of another. Read More

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February 27, 2012

Poem about the evils of abortion Read More
TAbortion- it's a bold topic for me to speak on...while my domestic violence and sexual assault essays get a lot of support and fanfare- abortion seems to be one people will shy from supporting or not supporting. And I'm not here to tell you it's right or wrong- I posted… Read More
In a future where biotechnology means anyone can breed with or without whoever they want, the breeding population fragments and a new breed of terror raises it's ugly head. Read More
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