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March 23, 2018

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The The Imaginarium House

Short story inspired by the song of the same name by The Prodigy. If you spot any typo's please use icomments. Thanks Read More
Alfen Rosenthal is an appreciated surgeon, famous for being kind and also, for his success. People highly appreciated him and yet, they didn’t know what was behind his mask… a wicked killer defending a secret organization, Zeroes. What will happen next if a girl suddenly fell on the roof… Read More

Tags: death, sky, prodigy, white

Isabella Schall is a piano prodigy, perhaps the greatest one of her time. Music is her life, and she wouldn't trade it for anything. Because music is all she has. The death of her mother turned her father into a shadow of the man he used to be. It… Read More
I wrote this, in 2017. It's part of my 8th poem set, Chosen Fate. Read More
in the eyes of her many fans, kimberly's life was a dream come true. she had the luxurious home, the luxurious clothes and accessories and even a magnificent boyfriend by the name of princeton. but what the fans, paparazzi, tabloids and talk shows don't know is that kimberly's life was… Read More
Sara was never really good at anything but playing the piano when she was young; it was something she had enjoyed dearly. She was a short lived prodigy, only to lose her skills in a car accident that killed her parents. After coming into her adult years, at 26, she… Read More
In a world where heroes are extinct and honor is dead, a young boy accompanies a wandering knight on a quest to bring back the dead. Rory wants nothing more than to become strong and brave just like Sir Ivan, but the knight who raised him is not the honourable… Read More
The title came to me in a jiffy, and I feel I could make this poem much longer, and still give the same style I want to produce...and I know it is kinda against my Christian views, but I wrote this like a year ago, and it really isn't too… Read More
missie the day care worker has a few problems. well, okay, more than a few. well, a whole bunch, really. Read More
love? whats is love that's what chanele is trying to find out she looking for a way out of this abuse relationship with her boyfriend and find some one to really love her and she thinks she might jusst found the right guy when she meet prodig y at a… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A young girl goes missing in London in the year of 1803, but there is no evidence or body to tell anyone what happened to her. Most people would tell you she was kidnapped. Others might tell you that she ran away. But do you want to know what really… Read More
sorry i didn't finish this book but i almost finished it on wattpad but imma finish it on here to Read More
is ray really gonna kick roc's ass for kissing his girlfriend well read the story and find out Read More
will shali feel better soon will rayray quit worrying read and find out Read More
th next prodigy got there jacket and they are finally in the group Read More
will princeton get the girl of his dreams will alex say yes read the story and find out Read More
this story is about princeton doing his own life and having fun until he sees a beautiful girl name alex then he changes Read More
he is all was being mindless he is fun,funny,and smart i love him and i wish that i cud meet him Read More

Tags: love, prodigy

 As a musical prodigy Lilac doesn't have much time to have a normal 18 year olds life, but when her private jet crashes and everyone on the plane is killed except her, she goes to live with her aunt on a rural slave plantation in Louisiana where she gets a… Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 04, 2010

(Introduction) “The Prodigy” is a work-in-progress that I am aiming at as a “Poetic Diary”. We all need to vent, and instead of just talking about it I’m choosing to turn it into a series of chapters of creative freestyle. There is not a single set standard or rule for… Read More
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