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The Booksie Classic House

This story that contains a ton of swear words. Read More

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Experience the end of the world from three different perspectives. Read More
Sadly, this is a true story. Read More
In this prequel to "Roar Of The Tuna". Lady Tuna sees a opportunity to kidnap Mr.Beaner when he leaves the safety of his home world. Read More
It's an Art Form that I have invented. Read More
In this sequel to "Dawn Of The Tuna",Lady Tuna finds out the hard way that things don't always turn out the way we want them to. Read More
The origin story of Lady Tuna. Let us peer into the past of one of the most vile space queens of the Funkoo galaxy. Read More
His mission is clear and his goal is in sight revenge in the air, what could possibly stop Itsu from slaying his fathers murder? perhaps his own father? let the secrets be revealed in this existing chapter of GODS CHEAT TOO. Read More
Lady Tuna returns to the planet of Pluton when Mr.Beaner becomes gravely ill. Read More
Betty Boo Boo must confront an evil conglomerate that has seized the Great Cosmic Egg. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This book is in progress, it is in a unique style that I feel is easier to write in and maybe more fun to read. Impetuous revolves around Roger, a perverted sixteen year old boy and his cousin John, a smart, and popular fifteen year old boy who moved to… Read More
When Lady Tuna is sent on a diplomatic mission to Cookamungus-X, she gets caught up in a bizarre murder mystery. Read More
Conclusion of Lady Tuna's misadventure as a fashion model. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Stranded on the planet Pluton.Lady Tuna finds herself in another misadventure. Read More
4 college kids go on a vacation for the weekend in a remote cabin in the woods. In the cabin the find a weird book with a dark past, Necronomicon Ex Mortis, an ancient book written in Sumerian. The book cover is bound in flesh and the ink that wrote… Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 13, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Why happiness doesn't exsist. Read More
A short article commenting on how pop culture delivers its language in public. Read More
Here's a "Let's Play" I did awhile back for the game Dwarf Fortress. Those of you who have read "Boatmurdered" will be familiar with the style. This is meant to be a comedy piece. NOTE: Much of the humor in the piece comes from extreme use of profanity. If this… Read More
When a 20 year old boy regains his memory of being an ex-supernatural assassin for a secret group called "The Ambient", he is forced to team up with the very things that he hunts to stop a psychotic woman named Catherine who is the new leader of the secret organization… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

...because shit, if the minx wakes up and realized that they had no gas,He's gonna quirk! and unfortunately for him, he was the only one in the truck who London could quirk on. This was going to be a long ride. But he wouldn't give it up for the best… Read More
April has been going through schools, foster homes, and parents like there is no tomorrow. Her luck and will always seem to get her into serious trouble causing her to always move around. Her social worker works hours on end. Until, April comes across a boy that takes a certain… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Sixteen year old Jameson Wilds is a crazy, sarcastic, and loud girl who spends her days hanging out with her lunatic best friends. She's known for making people's lives a living hell with her snappy attitude and fiery orange hair. When her parents decided to go on a two month… Read More
The many short adventures of Shaquief Montol, age 16, black boi from up here in da projects. Read More
They think you're stupid, the parents and teens. They think you're stupid, that you don't know what sex means... Read More
This is a poem based on something I inadvertently overheard while waiting my turn in a barbershop. You never know when life's most poetic moments are going to occur. Read More
Part of me proving myself as a writer. I allowed my friends to choose two topics for me to turn into poems as proof that I can truly write about almost anything succesfully. Resulted in this and casual knocking at the door Read More
A short novel in which Christopher, a young aspiring journalist, interviews Carlotta, a jaded, apathetic hedonist. Conflict ensues. Chapters are divided by the meticulous minutes at which he keeps an account of everything. I'm a little stuck for the next chapter and would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.… Read More
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