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The First Rule Of Fight Club, You don't talk about fight club, second rule of fight club, see first Rule! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The concept is mini horror stories like a cake with a razor blade inside of it. So Tasty But Deadly, I'll try to post more often of these stories. Read More
this is a song i wrote based off of rick ross sanctified its a parody of big sean and kanye west verses Read More
By the year 2050 America has steadily declined in economic and military strength. Because of public demand for more and more free benefits the government is force to take extreme measures to satisfy its citizens. Read More
I wrote this without any direction. it became this strange progressive song, Its really pointless but i felt like sharing and hearing what people would think of it. again written on a whim without any purpose or direction. Read More
“We need to get back to the Constitution.” You hear this coming out of the mouths of conservative-oriented people day-after-day. It’s as though recent governmental decisions have been made in total disregard for our Constitution. It’s this “get back to the Constitution” rhetoric that discloses the ignorance of many conservative-types… Read More
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