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The Booksie Classic House

“And prom queen is…” the principal announced,” Samantha Wood!” an uproar of applause spread across the gym floor. I was stuffing my face with chocolate covered strawberries when I was suddenly crowd surfing and let on to the stage. “huh?” I mumbled with my mouth full. I’m pretty sure a… Read More
Carol and her date Jay are going to prom. However, despite people avoiding Jay due to his disabilities, the truth of his identity soon comes to light. Read More

Book / Romance

November 28, 2016

Melanie Campbell is an average girl who hasn't planned anything about her future yet; college, work, marriage... Everything's a blur for her, as well as for Scott. They meet for the first time at Harvard but what he doesn't know is that Mel isn't that confident, smart girl she once… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The tailor's daughter wants a dress for the prom, but nothing is girl enough. Read More
Eighteen-year-old Stephanie Adamson has been a nobody for four years at Wilson High School. One day, she gets the surprise of her life: Her adopted parents aren't her real parents, she is the daughter of HRH King Edward and HRH Queen Eleanor of Castle Canterbury. She is not a nobody… Read More
Anya is a typical high school girl who faces the everyday challenges like getting up early, going to school, facing her period each month and of course Boys! Anya's life gets turned upside down when an old friend comes back into her life, a person whom she never expected of… Read More
My personal story of my childhood abuse, neglect, and molestation by my Uncle and how that shaped me into the person I am today. How the molestation forever changed a five or six-year-old into a homosexual later in life. The negativity that arose as a result and all the… Read More

Book / Young Adult

March 15, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

Kate is the average 17 year-old girl. The thing is she has some abnormal passions, sewing and dancing. In this story Kate and her friend, Cortney, are offered a lot of money to make the perfect prom dress. While all of this is happening she also has to deal with… Read More
The gang goes to the prom as crazy things begin to happen Read More
One not-so-special morning at school, Martin stumbles across a mysterious, aloof girl named Clare in a chance encounter. He finds her interesting - and later discovers that nearly the entire school mocks her existence. Unwilling to believe in her tragic situation, he decides to help turn it all around for… Read More
**Trigger warning: sexual assault, abuse** Jude begins to wonder how she became a girl who lets her boyfriend, Taren, control her. This is still a work in progress. Read More
Having failed at finding a prom date, Ryan tries his luck on an underclassman prom that Davis promoted on KDGM, Brennan goes with Saadi-ye to prom and experiences problems at the after-party and Sarah goes to prom with Logan’s twin Marcus Read More
Ryan and Depraved Hallway Fern deal with the repercussions of Ryan's actions in regards to the fundraising effort and Kimberly and Ethan have a huge argument that threatens their very relationship while Ryan tries to build up the nerve to finally ask Natalie to prom Read More
Robert continues to abandon the script during the filming of “The Bachelorette”, Ghost Adventures checks out haunted locations around Hansbay and Ryan must deal with his lack of a plan for prom Read More
At SilverMeadow high, nothing is ever normal. Except one 14 year-old boy named Christian. He's not a jock, nerd, emo, popular kid, or a rebel. He's just...Normal. But Zoe isn't. She's not a nerd, but a geek. Ask her any question about star wars, star trek, lord of the rings,… Read More
My entry for OnTheSpot's Valentine contest! Enjoy! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Year 11, Maddie Carter had been struggling preparing for her GCSE's. But what she didn't know was it was about to get a whole lot worse. Her parents divorce shakes her up, her best friend moves, and worst of all boy trouble. Is there anything else the world could throw… Read More

Book / Young Adult

November 05, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

He hugged me tightly to his chest. My eyes followed him as he released me and he made his way around the bed. He rummaged in one of the nightstands then came back and stood directly in front of me. He had a little pocket knife that he was unfolding.… Read More

Short Story / Young Adult

October 18, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Senior Prom is not all about finding love and romance on a single night. It sometimes unravels the purest of all emotions. Read on with Hazel to find out what Prom brought to her... Read More
Most women or girls think the worst won't happen to them but I'm a living testament to say it really does. I was raped at age 16. It was truly the worst night of my life. I have nightmares to relive that night every time I sleep. So I hope… Read More

Tags: rape, alone, prom

No one has asked yet, but just incase y'all are wondering how I became a writer and all that stuff. This is from when I started writing from Age 13/14ish to now. It's been a long 3-4 years of having this deep depression. It's difficult. You'll see why... Read More
Tabitha Mahony has always been that polite, smart, heavy girl who flies under everyone's radar, until one day an unfortunate low-rise jeans incident brings her the kind of publicity no one is looking for. Rather than taking the challenge in stride, Tabitha begins to question the personality she has developed… Read More
Brennan hires a private eye to determine if Ryan is cheating, Jacob and Jordan are spied on at prom and Madeline feels like she’s drowning with Oliver Read More
A coming of age short story of a few prom goers... Read More
The Anonymous Advice responses for Thursday, March 21! If you sent in any questions, look below for your response. A big thankyou to all of our fans and Booksie friends! - A Read More
5 friends are hiding a terrible secret that some unknown person found out about and its now black mailing them .Come and join them on finding out their horrible dark secrets! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Natalia is in her last year of high school. Everything in her life is going according to her plan. Her friends are alongside her, she's working hard for her grades, and there is just the right amount of drama in her life. If she has it her way she’ll even… Read More
Just a small box can have so many different meanings. What could it mean for high schooler, Shannon Walters when it is mysteriously given to her by a close guy friend and his instruction is not to open until she is home? Read More
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