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I think that it is a good thing to set down some passages from the bible. Read More

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I went in deep into the bible, got bashed about all over the place--got thrown here and there--and almost everywhere, then I crept out like an injured soldier, and rested. Read More
This story came to me of an experience I had with a priest on the bus. He was telling me all about the New Testament, but when I started telling him about the Old Testament, he didn't want to know. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

There are many false prophets lurking around, beware of them. A short poem. Read More
this is about The role of the mosque in education Read More

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this is about The Description of Knowledge in the Qur'an and by the Prophet (saas) Read More

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this is about Every Nation Was Sent A Messenger Read More

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this is about Prophets and Books Read More

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A story of global war and the fight against tyranny and oppression, Questors follows the adventures of Shane Tallent, a simple country vet who is bequeathed by God with three unique gifts intensely valuable to both sides of the war: the ability to heal by touch, seeing the future and… Read More
Many prophecies in the Old Testament pointed to the reality that would take place through Christ, his crucifixion, and resurrection. And these prophecies were written long before the acts themselves. Psalm 22 is a popular one of those. Read More
This is a short story that is based on a real-life character who predicted the end of the world. When I met the man, I had NO idea that he created such a mega-empire on quoting or predicting things from the Bible. He was character that maybe is now in… Read More
In these modern times full of fitna we take celebrities instead of prophets as our role models Read More
A journal of the truth according to the Upright One, the Awakened One, who has been raised up in spirit from the death of the spirit to the life after. A book of enlightenment, to bring light to many. The word of the True God, to the reconciliation of the… Read More
And upon hearing the words of the Angel, I spoke unto him, saying: "Oh great Angel and messenger of he who rules the cosmos, the great 'I AM' the creator of all that was, is, and ever shall be. Pray do not rebuke me and causeth me to fall down… Read More
As I came closer and could feel the heat of the flames, I thought I could see another person on the other side of the fire. So, I walked around the fire to see who it might be. But, it was only after walking around the fire at least twice,… Read More
Help, I just need some ideas for some new brute and human vehicles for my fan-fiction Halo: Novel if I like your idea I'll give you credit for it... Read More
Pandemonium Revisited is an epic poem about John Milton's soul experience with the fallen angels. His soul went to Pandemonium and learned the fascinating role of the fallen angels in creating false religions, enemy sects, warring denominations, blind belief doctrines, never ending hermeneutics and Utopian theological imaginations. The fallen angels… Read More
Every man-made thing has a scope for improvement and Blasphemy laws are no different, this is an undeniable fact. There is no harm in giving rational consideration to the voice of the people and the recommendations for amendments in the law coming from various circles. The religious scholars and clergy… Read More

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January 05, 2011

Armageddon love poem. Read More
This "Essay" started as a comment on Sidewalk Apocalypse (Religious Comment)written by Joshua Boyd :) Link if you are interested in reading : Well bear with me and please excuse my ramblings, from a comment I ended up blabbering endlessly :) Read More
sometimes we need directions and would much rather stop and asked somebody where to go and listen to them even if we don't know there right.. instead of getting the directions from a map that we know is right. Read More
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