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Young toughs including a woman proceed to rob an older gentleman, more than bargained for, fends them off. The law doesn't find a simple case of self defense and expects to lay charges. Read More
Brave and Joe Tate have to face against the elven government that is bent on destroying their family and their hopes for a better future. Read More
Given the fact many people have been removed from death row due to prosecutorial misconduct, Darren Chaker provides this brief excerpt about what is and is not allowed in a trial. Sometimes when litigation is intense, mistakes are made. In California mutliple courts have placed parameters on the attorney. This… Read More
Jury Duty becomes surreal with a crazy defendant. Read More
Late on your rent? A lawyer will be calling soon. This is the story of his life. Read More
This is a real story from my legal career- showing the life and misery of common people during Soviet Union. A sad story of a mother who gave birth and murdered her own child because of lack of money to support her child. Read More
Two children are murdered in rapid succession. Who killed them and why? The murderer turns out to be a ten year old kid but why did she killl............ Read More
The voice of the prosecution in Plato's Apology. Read More
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