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On our journey through life there comes an amazing connection of a friendship that feels closer than that of your family's. The heartwarming feeling of a true friend, who's prescence comes just as sudden as each breath you inhale. This amazing individual is one whome I refer to constantly as… Read More
Youth Without Ambition A young man is content to drift through life aimlessly, innocently and happily. Stares Into The Abyss Life on benefits drives him to an act of desperation. And The Abyss Stares Back A mysterious man who only answers to the name Dad stops him in his tracks… Read More
Today I am not who I was yesterday. Today I'm living, and tomorrow I'm going to live forevermore. Read More
Have you truly found peace within yourself in order for you to continue on your journey with your head up high? I, myself have been in a state where I've put off canceling connections that bring me down. I've felt no means to improve the image I see in the… Read More
I, just like anyone else have been through some wild experiences shaping me into the leader I am today. However, some of my best moments in life occurred when in contact with my best friend. Literally one of the most amazing individuals I've come across. Read More
A blast to the past will send shivers down your spine when recollecting the moments of life, where you've found beauty in the chaos occurring around you. Read More
It's a pleasure to be in your prescence as you get me high with the love you spread. My mind is no longer foggy, as I know exactly what love feels, smells, taste like, looks like and sounds like. Thank you a million times more for being you. Read More
I've watched you walk a thousand miles in order to achieve goals that probably would've broke another individual down to their knees. Not everyone sees the weight you carry on your shoulders, but I recognize and will continuously assist in making sure you shine just as bright as the stars… Read More
This Grand Rising, I sang a song I initially thought was new. However, there was no artist in this lifetime that had produced such a magnificent piece. As I reached the end of the song, i began to have flashbacks to what seemed like a past life revealing the true… Read More
There stands a tower of Truth that has been banging at the door in my mind and heart. Today, I am to deliver such truth onto the souls of those that are meant to hear such a message, and realize the power that stands strong in within yourself as well.… Read More
An outside view can bring more clarity to a vision that is seen upfront by one's own spirit. Today, we explore the deep depths of just how much beauty lies within one's own journey, by shedding light on a marvelous Star from up above that resides down here with the… Read More
I am amazing, I have a magnificent mind, I have a beautiful soul, I am beautiful, I love myself, I have an incredible destiny, my blessings are unstoppable, my worth cannot be defined by anyone else other than me, I am still growing up, I am a divine being, I… Read More
The experiences created with you were all so beautiful, horrifying, uplifting and anchoring all at once. However, I appreciate and admire every moment for giving me the opportunity to "live". You've helped bring much clarity as I've recognized the flame inside of me, which has been for centuries is the… Read More
The divine messages delivered onto my heart, body, mind and soul through the angel that means one of most to me has evolved my creation in ways that I feel has brought me true success in my home. I'm here to share with you a little of the beautiful wealth… Read More
I've searched long and hard for that part of me that would bring me happiness. Feeling as though I've traveled across the globe 3 times, but all the while the answer was literally right where I started. Read More
An experience of love that has gotten to be one of the most beautiful moments in this lifetime. Read More
Your talents and dreams will never be for anyone else. You're destined for beautiful successful, so never shut yourself off from the world. Continue to shine on, I see you beloved. Read More
There stands tall the most beautiful blessing that is at my side, reminding me of the treasurous moments of love for not only myself but for a part of me that lives on for an eternity more. My child, you remind me of your beautiful mother and the miracles she's… Read More

Poem / Romance

May 16, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

There's thousands of beautiful experiences that occurs in one lifetime, all inspired by love. One of the most beautiful experiences is of our moments together on the beach revealing our true nature of divinity my love. Read More

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"Beautifully penned @Eric2121. " Read More

Watching the best parts of me come sweep me off my feet with each greeting is more than enough of beautiful reasoning for me to continue living life in most beautiful manner possible. You are the divine feminine blessed with an entire existence of beauty. Read More
Last week I dreamt of conversations and events taking place in another realm, other than the current we reside, along with visions of the beautiful blessing of our love for one another. Read More
The blessings that have come into my life uplifting me to heights unimaginable with the average mindset, transformed me into the beautiful individual I am today. The most major blessing of them all are the angels here on Earth that have allowed me the opportunity to grow with them through… Read More
Anything slow in life is surely going to yield beautiful results beyond the beginning prayers. Read More
The closer you are to me, the greater the outcome of the chances we take together. Read More

Poem / Romance

May 10, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

The fantasies of meeting and being alongside an angel became a beautiful reality when I met you. Read More
As it would seem the greatest experiences of my life are happening each day I bask in the rewards of positivity, yet on a scale nothing out weighs the beautiful experiences we've created together. Read More
It would seem after all is said. When it seemed a cycle was over, so I thought. I actually found a higher truth in the favorable view of love because of you. Read More
Get the blueprint designed to show you how to identify and become free of limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Also gain clarity while moving forward in creating and manifesting the lifestyle that you truly desire. Read More
This is something you need to hear and understand Read More
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