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"I was in the mood for profound fun, tonight, on my return to Booksie after a week of marketing my book - and you gave me profound fun, Sage! Th..." Read More

When I was in a creative writing class, the topic was romance. The teacher let us discuss all the aspects of “love.” That’s when I drifted away into my own world. Read More

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October 25, 2019

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The 'The Odd Ones' House

Nicole found the perfect story, but in the wrong place and with the wrong people. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

From Crime and Punishment, the psychology of the character Raskolnikov arises. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A story written about the psychological concept of 'bucket-filling/bucket-emptying'. Cover image: Read More

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"Wonderfully imagery, and you expressed your emotions perfectly. I agree with Tom, the line about the emperor was divine" Read More

Self-improvement has gone out of style but is still as relevant in today's world of constant troubles. We can all learn the realities of life and how we can improve our spiritual nature Read More

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"Thank you for creating a house such as this one. I don't see many people opening up to things like this, so it must have been a brave decision. ..." Read More

Self-improvement has gone out of style in a world of tribulation. People agree with the message taught by Tony Robbins and others, it's difficult to implement the rules of success, just as, in many cases, the Bible's message has lost relevance. Read More
Beliefs are ingrained early in life. But do those beliefs impede personal development or enhance life? Much of what we have come to accept as truth is often false and based on lies and half-truths. It's a question of knowing which beliefs are holding us back. Read More

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an excerpt on being an empath in the big city Read More
This gay Army veteran weighs in on peoples use of the term "internalized homophobia" and its cleverly disguised agenda. Read More
People with trust to give are like cigarettes other people smoke... Read More

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"Nice poem. The repetition works well. I enjoyed reading this." Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

An elderly couple on a trip. Read More
Story about being unable to truly grasp a situation and immature behaviour. Read More
Imagine this! It is midnight and you lie down on your bed. It is dead silent, but the voices in your head start to play. They tell you things, they whisper confusing comments and you find yourself rolling repeatedly on your bed trying to figure out what is going on. Read More
Surgery has now become one of the main cures for severe mental disorders, especially personality disorders, and a young psychopath from Bakewell, England, Millicent Greer, decides to travel to London to participate in an experimental surgery to rid her of her antisocial personality disorder. A fairly solitary person, Millicent only… Read More

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