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Just storing this true essay here. The therapist in question was so scofflaw that my last therapist, a sweet guy, kept trying to get her name out of me because he wanted to have her license revoked. I did not have the heart to turn in the Geeky Outlaw.… Read More
They are sitting on the grass. Someone seems to be jumping off the tower. What's going to happen? Read More
If I ever see a shrink again it'll have to be under a court order. Read More
A short story of my experience with pain, pseudo-addiction, real full-blown life destroying addiction. My long road back to reality and how I returned from the lowest depths of human depravity to finding and understanding the maxim 'Know Thyself'. Read More
My personal story of my childhood abuse, neglect, and molestation by my Uncle and how that shaped me into the person I am today. How the molestation forever changed a five or six-year-old into a homosexual later in life. The negativity that arose as a result and all the… Read More
Psychologist Dr. Manic has his way with people. The wrong way. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

An intense and complex psychotherapy relationship is at the heart of this novel. In chapter one, we meet the therapist, Martin Bedlo, and his new patient, Peter Henley. We learn what has brought each man to this meeting. Peter is a compulsive womanizer but he fell for his wife Cassie… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This poem is based on a torn individual who is unable to bare living with the torment he went through as a child. Now, 30 years later, "The Therapy", is him telling of how he was abused as a child and admitting to the torment he endured. The poem is… Read More
A cynical middle-aged man turns to the philosophy of Spinoza in an effort to console himself and regaining an new purpose in his life after the death of his great love. Life however, seems not a matter which is easily grasped by logical deductions only and it's therefore a matter… Read More
taken from my book, "Trying To Learn About My Madness" Read More
"Self-knowledge" has different meanings accroding to school of thought, period in time and personal understanding. Read More
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