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Well I did it. I self-published. My ebook, an Intimate Crisis, is on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and other retailers. Angel in the Apocalypse is on Amazon as well. I didn't spend anything. All it took was good, old fashioned hard work. Here's how I did it. Read More
in my this ebook i am write for how to publish your totally free with self publishing tool....first sign up booksei.then write in your way.then publish get a link.get print copies as much as you want and put your ebopk link into embdely and get embed link.put in your… Read More
This is a story about the truth. It's about human nature to expect from destiny. Story tells us what we expect we never get and what we get we never expect. Read More
a short poem written written late last night, inspired by a thought of someone i should not be thinking of. Read More
The curiosity of the locked wooden cupboard has resurfaced at Orlando's house. With the help of Rosaline will they ever unlock the doors and venture inside? Read More

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December 10, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

if i've got an idea for a story, but no time to write it, this is where it'll go! come here to buy a plot! x Read More
Gifted present dont have to lead to ? Read More
The publishing of a new author's work. Read More
This is more of a blog than anything else. I only submitted it as an article because hardly anyone reads 'miscellaneous' and I think this comes pretty close to being an article... or column... I don't know. But please, read on! Read More
I intend this to be a book journal where I have journalled, and are continue to journal, the little things that makes me happy and keeps me going. At the back of this book journal, I would like a few pages empty for the reader to start recording their life's… Read More
Where this world is at, my situation, and publishers that want to publish my book. Read More
To Whom It May Concern: There was a land called Catroina. It was what was before Faedland. Luna is an inhabitant who lives with her father who rules a part of Catroina. Luna is a very strange seventeen year old girl. She was first named Phoenix, and then changed her… Read More
what is to publish poetry Read More

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"In the hours before my 30th Birthday I had an Epiphany I stood in the mirror, naturally and embraced the essence of life. I pulled back some of the skin around my eyes. I searched for lines and wrinkles, skin blotching, and age lines around the corners of my mouth.… Read More
Author Notes: open-ended Not restrained by definite limits, restrictions, or structure. This piece is deep, more than what the naked eyes or picture reveal. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

With eyes closed tight, and arms stretched out The top, uneven peak can make you flinch Laying both palms along the parallel sides Read More
I'm a self-published author. For anyone who is interested, I'm willing to share my experience to those also looking to get published. Read More

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January 24, 2007

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The Booksie Classic House

This was written for someone who deserves a hell of a lot more than they recieve. You know who you are and you know i'm always there for you. Cheese cat x. Read More
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