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The Booksie Classic House

"The path to true love is a geodesic in some unknown hyperspace: discuss." Read More

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"Well, this was certainly different. And that character -- well, first thing he needs to learn is not to be such a control freak :). An enjoyable..." Read More

joshua pecora, part 2. Read More

Tags: fiction, drama, pulp

Joshua Pecora is driven, wealthy, and an asshole. He's proud of the first two, and will soon find out the third. Read More

Tags: fiction, drama, pulp

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The Booksie Classic House

Wayne King discovers a ladder that takes him away from a sunny August day. Read More
Something I decided to right up, I do hope all of you enjoy it! Read More
I write a lot of odd, jokey essays and things of the like that I tend to read as my stand up routine, or intend to eventually. People tell me this is stuff you can't say. It turns out you CAN say it. . . .It just also turns out… Read More
The blame for a county-wide murder spree lies at the feet of three people broken by a dying mill town: Calvin, a killer; London, a cook; and Rhonda, the woman who loves them both. Neither they, nor the reader, see the storm brewing until it's too late in this Southern… Read More
A pulpy sci-fi short I wrote in bed. First three chapters. All feedback welcome. Johnny Wheels is the last of a robotic race of crime fighters. Hard drinking and without a case in years. That is until Stella Jameson walks into his office. Read More
A legumineous tree that supports itself on poor soils and produce sweet pods for easy pickings. Lets call this tree 'Sweet Pods' or 'Easy Pickings' not Monkey Pods, Manila Tamarind or Madras Thorns. Read More
a work in progress. Mr. Happy manages to solve a crime or two (while causing several of his own) without really meaning to. Read More
Johnny Gage is released from Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary after serving a sentence he didn't owe. He's got to make it back to Philadelphia and settle Chubby's hash before Chubby has him killed. Gage wants his revenge, with interest, and nothing Chubby throws at him is going to stop him. With… Read More

Tags: crime, revenge, pulp

The fear of the blank page is the beginning of story about a man who died writing. Ask yourself this: Would you be willing to be consumed for the thing you love or miss the most in the world? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I am an aspiring movie director and I will work hard to become a famous director. What you are about to read is a short scene with dialogue that could be a future movie project but for now, this idea just came to me. I short scene with crazy dialogue… Read More

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September 04, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

A tongue-in-cheek homage to 1970s supernatural pulp, Midnight Down follows the adventures of a Vampire Prince and his retinue. These include an unbelievably buxom sorceress who carries a torch for the Prince, a demonic physician, a werewolf groundskeeper (in whom the Prince is infinitely more interested) and more still. Illustrated… Read More
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