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People for some reason find me trustworthy and tell me all their secrets, some of them boring, some of them dark. After a while they started to take a toll on me, so writing stories about them helps a lot. Thanks for reading :) Read More
Just a short story based on secrets people tell me, mixed with just a tad of dark and sarcastic me. Read More
Just me, trying out a series of free verses. Read More

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Lilly got engaged to Dylan when they were both four. No one thought it would last through first grade. They were wrong. Not only did they last, but they lasted up until sophomore year. that's when everything got complicated This was written for the make a cliche unique contest. Read More

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Female Italy and female Russia OCs of the author and I both have a soft spot for a certain blonde-haired man, but neither of them are getting very far... or so they think. Collab with islandwriter. Read More

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January 16, 2013

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She loves Sundays. But one requirement will make her Favorite Day very tiresome.Can she ever love her Sundays again? Read More

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Remember in grade school when boys were stupid and girls were yucky and notes passed saying "Do you like me yes or no?' As youngsters, crushes are confusing. You don't know whether to punch the person your crushing on or kiss them! Read More
This was supposedly a love letter, But from nowhere came resentment, When romance never became better, The days I deemed love’s never invented. Read More

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We call it first love but adults call it, puppy love. I found love in a hopeless place. Read More

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When a Guy is Broken, Doubtful and angry at the world. It's Kind of hard to simply take his breath away, especially when you're just an average normal girl with a dark secret - and maybe present- that haunts you yourself. But, Imagine You Did? Eldon, A guy who was… Read More

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a short poem of how sweet puppy love can be sweet sorrow Read More

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You guys reading this right now, I’m going to say that this won’t be a frilly love story. It will be kind of personal, kind of imaginative, and just a little something that is part of what I can muster up to achieve my penultimate goal. Read More

Poem / Romance

March 30, 2010

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a collection of poetry from the angel - different forms of love expressed in the most colorful of words Read More
Remembering the past, the teenage days so called puppy love...it only reminds me of you, LOL. Read More
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