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Poem / Poetry

September 12, 2018

Puzzle World A short poem on our puzzling world. Read More
A new exploration in the art of story telling that is mysterious, mystical at times but mostly meant to be entertaining. Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 23, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem about people, friends and friendships. Read More
Life seems to be a puzzle and often times we lose pieces or seem to not be able to fit them all together so we must find a new way. Read More
Michael, Fiona, and Bill Richardson battle an unknown enemy who controls a worldwide black market in superior sperm. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Doctor Henderson Mayes realizes that something big is about to happen on a Wednesday in December, 2016, in Copley Square, Boston. He solves a puzzle but has to make a decision about telling his best friend the solution that would only place his friend and his secretary in harm's way. Read More
DNA has resurrected a cold case from thirty-six years ago. Now, it seems, time has been compressed and the jury is involved in solving murder of Jemma Jefferson. Read More
A young woman was murdered thirty-six year ago. While cleaning out the evidence locker in the basement of the sheriff's office,there was clothing that they could now tested for DNA. There was DNA and it matched the defendant's. Now a jury must consider and decide. Read More
Jack transfers the entire burden of Percy's fate to the shoulders of his long lost pal from their carefree days at sea. Bill Belkins accepts the burden and immediately demands certain actions and gestures by both Jack and Percy before considering any softening of the DA's position on the case.… Read More
A name from out of the past looks like a savior for both Jack and Percy, but friendship shrinks and duty calls. This turn of events shelves the friendship and puts Percy squarely in the sights of BB, the nasty DA. Read More
Jack 'marches' off to do battle with Lemur's boss and discovers a shocking truth. Read More
The Harry Hope Fertility Clinic is besieged by throngs who believe that a certain super-donor has retired.The impossibility of every fact connected to this belief, as well as stunning and dangerous additional surprises, are outlined and followed to a staggering conclusion. Read More
A woman from Space Colony # 88, consults Private Eye Nick Ryder about the disappearance of her husband . . . from the judicial system. Don Miles should be in custody . . . somewhere. In 'personal custody? But who would want to kidnap him; and for what reason? Read More
Ms. Lemur rejects all Jack's calls for reason and settlement. Amanda makes the suggestion that might be the only thing that will keep her brother out of 'the Yard.' Read More
The Spider's apprentice makes a court appearance and thickens the web around the slumping Fly. Jack realizes that he has a major rescue to implement or his brother-in-law is 'for it'. Read More
It's Showtime ! Jack is in court with Percy for a simple entry of a plea of not guilty and a request for a summary disposal of the case. However, Deputy DA, Ms. Lemur, the messenger of the DA handling the case, shows up to hint that the DA's Office… Read More
Now comes crunch time: what could either attorney do to 'walk' their clients. You'll never guess, so; read on . . . Read More
A mysterious letter creates a tense showdown. Read More
The death of her mother brings Vanessa to a chilling discovery and a purple note of mystery. Read More
ADVENTURE, MYSTERY, SUSPENSE, PUZZLE The mysterious deaths of two well-trained former special ops members attracts the attention of a former male Ranger and an extremely capable female member of the US Embassy in Uruguay. Read More
A wily insurance investigator is stumped when an unusual claimant throws him a humorous mixture of words and facts. Read More
A mysterious telephone call sends Miriam's memory whirling into the past to face a nineteen year-old nightmare. Read More
A retired Physics professor builds a cabin and a science laboratory near a pond. While there he spends all of his time trying to "apprehend the mystery of the universe". But when a mystical puzzle arrives in the mail, he switches his focus and for years obsesses over the puzzle--until… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Just based on life right now. (I hope it isn't too similar to something) Read More
Tranquility at its peak. Read More

Poem / True Confessions

April 12, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

Slowly I touch every part of it The tiny hairs that grows upon my skin The curves that being sculpted Read More
The curiosity of the locked wooden cupboard has resurfaced at Orlando's house. With the help of Rosaline will they ever unlock the doors and venture inside? Read More
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