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Around the world, notice is being taken of the arrival of Mr. Mazel. He is in Israel, the Dakotas, Anza Borrego, Monte Carlo and Los Angeles . . . at or about the same time. Secular and religious powers are chasing him . . . but why? What is the… Read More
A naked stranger arrives in the moonlit night on the Negev Desert. His arrival immediately dispatches agent of both the secular and religious powers to intercept and destroy. Read More
A stranger enters the lives of many and draws the attention of entrenched interests, both secular and religious who feel threatened by his presence and his powers. Read More
A mysterious event in the Negev Desert begins to effect several lives. Read More
A swimmer attempts a long underwater swim beneath a wide dock. Somewhere he gets stuck in the twilight zone. Read More
A mysterious telephone call sends Miriam's memory whirling into the past to face a nineteen year-old nightmare. Read More
When Hitler invaded Russia on June 22nd. 1941, a colonel in the Russian Light Horse Brigade was killed. Today, his Great Grandson channels him, his life, and his death on that auspicious day, seventy-six years later. Read More
These are puzzles from SNUVILLE. Try to solve HALF SHELL'S PUZZLING WORDS. Read More
The aircraft shakes and throws the squad around. The hatch opens and throws everyone out of the craft. they have parachutes on so they could survive, but not with those buildings in the way. Read More
well its a very werid story line i dnt really wanna be giving the story away so its about two girls who get powers off this strange storm and everything comes more complicated and that so yeah its hard to explain lol enjpy Read More

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July 23, 2007

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The Booksie Classic House

If I summarized this piece then it wouldn't hold it's meaning. Can you figure it out? There shall always be more like this maybe deeper maybe right in front. I never know what will come to me. Read More
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