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having secured the zeto crystal, sabina must choose between love and duty. sabina’s quest to open the portal in the sun pyramid takes place straight after the ending of sabina’s pursuit of the holy grail. mentally and physically scarred from her ordeal in israel, sabina finds solace in the handsome… Read More
Short poem about a plan. Read More
Network marketing methods are characterized by a low open venture capital and the prospect to vend a commodity straight to acquaintances, family, and other individual associates. Moreover, most of such programs require members to recruit other salespeople (“Network Marketing”). That being said, MLM is associated with problems, such as market… Read More
Unlike all other creatures on earth, we humans have the ability (or inability as it could be considered a hindrance to general qualia) to worry about life after death, a literal postmortem retirement as it may be. Why do we spend our lives worrying about its antagonist? Read More

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A glitch on a satellite image or never before seen natural wonder? A civilization lost beneath the ice. Power not of this earth hidden within a maze of ancient ruins and pyramids. Molly O'Rourke finds herself stranded in a place she never dreamed existed, broken and hurt after a fall… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A girl who travel in magic world for help someone... Read More
This is my romantic poem I decided to write. A pyramid that forever holds two soul mates love, guarding their love and keeping it pure always. Until the day they reunite again. Read More
Society has been conditioned to consume at a rapid rate. Information that is blatantly harmful is acceptable if it is quick and convenient. We cannot continue to be blinded by pride and greed. Read More
Emberess Montgomery has ran away from home. She stumbles upon a town in the mountains known as 'Silent Hill.' The town holds valuable secrets and darkness unlike anything she had ever experienced before. But when she is befriended by Claudia Wolf and the Order, will she chose God, or will… Read More

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Zombies in the future. Om nom nom Read More
Jonathan and Arianna are the two last remaining humans to walk upon the earth. As they search for human life, they come upon a horrifying scene. What the last King has done to the planet earth shocks to the bone. Jonathan wants to Arianna to end his life, but Arianna… Read More
Ever, Connor and Riley... A perfect couple Or the perfect breakup? When Ever breaks up with her "perfect" boyfriend, guys swarm for her. But one stands out... Her ex still has feelings for her and tries to get her back but how far will he go? Read More
30 years ago, Alessa Gillespie was burned alive because the church members believed she was a witch. Before that though, there was only one person Alessa every really talked to. Her babysitter, Miku Hanore. After Alessa was burned and was in the hospitale getting her burns treated, her dark side… Read More

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July 13, 2007

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The Booksie Classic House

Hiding Hurt and Pain Read More
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