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September 11, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

My head will be clear when loving you. My poem. Read More

Tags: life, care, good, quality

A poem about the mind before it starts to dissect the reality. A tribute to Buddha, Tao Te Ching and Pirsig. Also a weapon the you can use to counteract the voice coming from your animal brain. See my article "Animal Brain and Human Brain". Read More

Tags: mind, brain, zen, quality, tao

That is the general perception or misconception that Chinese products are inferior in terms of quality and one must avoid buying them. Well, if that is true then why the global leaders use Chinese manufacturers to make their brands? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Tatsuya isn't like the other students at the magic city of Arcanium. He is trying to the impossible; mastering every class of magic. Grand battles between Gods, Devils, humans at things that fall under every other category plague his life. Looking for a fitting death, Tatsuya fights his way to… Read More
A being can do anything. All you need is faith and belief. Read More
A personal review and my thoughts on the book Future Track 5 By Robert Westall. I analyse various symbolism ect. Read More
The name Bata is synanmous with shoes in India. Years ago, there is no town in India without Bata shoe store. Read More
Is Perfectionism a Flaw or a Quality. Read and decide. But don't forget to give your view in the comment Box. And if you like the article then please click "LIKE" button. Read More
“Honey we’re leaving! We’re so sorry to leave you home alone tonight, but you’re under age to go the party. Sorry love. We love you! Oh and don’t forget the rules, 1. Don’t open the door. 2. If you get a phone call don’t tell them that we aren't home.… Read More
This is as much philosophy as poetry. I can see what it's about, I just don't know what it means. Read More
Consider this an Anti-Rant. These are some of the writers I like on Booksie and why I like them. Read More
Mango is beleived to be native to India. Mangoes outside India too have superb quality; Hawaii is one of those places where one can get top quality mangoes. Read More
This is a poem that I wrote about putting time into the priority of importance and God's prescious gift to us. Time as a gift and to use it wisely. Read More
Emaar MGF Gurgaon Greens New Residential Projects, a place where you feel, nestled in a posh residential area of Gurgaon, just across Dwarka Expressway. The whole complex is designed keeping your perfect taste in mind, enter the gates of Emaar MGF Residential Property and you will be enveloped by serenity.… Read More
The Poet talks about the qualities and characteristics of love, the saintly attitude love carries around and the positive things love can do; its humility and beauty it has in one’s life and future. Read More

Tags: love, quality

This poem is in dedication to my eleven year old son who I love very much. I would like to give him a word to think about some day. I hope you enjoy. it. Read More
A short write up on my past education, and where college finally makes sence to me. Read More
This is an article on Quality Assurance or Software Testing. Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 26, 2010

Poem on the value of life Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 24, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Surrender and release is NOT about giving up - it is the pathway to JOY and our destinies. Read More
This is a conversation concerning Babba Ram Dass’s concept Be Here Now and how we should continually apply this concept to our many life changes as we grow older. Read More
With high cost sky rocketing. I find myself being very deceptive. With good intentions... Read More
This story is about a woman who goes through her life with many trials and suffering. She eventually decides to take her own life, but the story is actually about how she got to that point. Read More
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