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Five disparate paths converge in the mountain city of Aura Vere. “I enjoyed reading Aura Vera immensely and look forward to the next installment!” J Poulter Otta and Erl must face the kaerling, Jas, before they can ascend the long road to Aura Vere and find the child Derri once… Read More
Desperate to end the epidemic that killed his mother, 18-year-old scholar Tolnan nearly dies trying to reach a village which may provide a bizarre cure. A kind, smart healer there, Marnaia -- who is trained to fight and is the only player of the world's last crystal trumpet -- learns… Read More
With faceless pursuers behind him, Lored must reach the Hidden Plateau before they catch up. “Beautifully written and it held my attention from start to finish.” E Baxter Disillusioned and disappointed with the way Olin Heon now conducts itself, Lored, a powerful taku-kevir, leaves the place he once called home… Read More
When the energy surges in the Northland threaten to destroy the entire planet, Mother World calls out to all beings for assistance. Answering her plea, Baben, the Cosmic Being, organizes an expedition to attempt to help end the crisis. These sojourners include Radhana the famous trekker, Arjan, a young adventurer,… Read More
Anxiety is very much a constant demon...... Read More

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Pursued by villagers for angering the gods, Otta seeks to evade capture whilst following the Unicorn’s Trail. “This is the gritty version of what a Western setting of Avatar the Last Airbender would look like.” X Mankum Otta must deal with the dark side of her character and the memory… Read More
Escaping Aura Vere and the kaerlings under cover of the Suryan Exodus, Otta discovers a dark side to her character. “This story had me feeling close to Otta and I felt her discomfort as though she was my friend.” C Birmingham Otta's internal conflict makes for an uncomfortable journey as… Read More
A warrior is on a quest where he has to kill a dragolich. Read More

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Veteran wizard Greylsan Amberglass, ostensibly on a mission to gather chronicles from The Fourth Council's entowered wizards, follows the trail of a doomed borderland margrave in search of his corrupted and dying land's missing Arcory Stones. The search leads him through the Alliance of the Thirteen Greater and Lesser Kingdoms… Read More
these kids live in a society revolving around eye patches and card games. Read More
Trapped in Aura Vere, the twins must survive, without being discovered by the kaerlings. “I simply adored reading Ambassador and look forward to the sequel!” C Messelodi In a case of mistaken identity, Otta is assumed to be a kaerling ambassador and finds refuge in Aura Vere. The shrineless god… Read More
in this short script, readers will be able to learn some ways to reach their destination in smooth way. Read More

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Orphaned from childhood Darya is sixteen when told she must seek out a brother she has never known. Although not magical in themselves the twins complete an ancient witch’s spell of protection against the return of Jard-Orlan, Gold Moon; the last of the domineering and ruthless wizards. Accompanied by devoted… Read More

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Book / Fantasy

November 20, 2018

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The animals of the world engage in a great war. Only the mighty Tiger nation remain neutral. But for how long? Read More

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There are four elements of the universe. You know them - fire, water, air, and earth. But what you don't know is that they are here. Every minute of every day, they protect us from dangers that we know nothing about. Skylar didn't know it either. She never dreamed that… Read More
A very vague poem from a character of mine named Shield who wanted to help his friends find a missing princess. Read More
When Frey dies suddenly, she quickly discovers that death wasn't finished with her yet. Read More
His father left when he was a child to find the treasure of the stars, his mother passed away, he hasn't seen his uncle in years, and with the appearance of the royal army on South Breeze Island, things aren't looking on the bright side for Hunter. What he… Read More

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a soon to be king ventures off to a quest he has been told his whole life will gain him respect and nobility. in order to complete his quest he must defy his morals in order to survive. Read More

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What starts as an innocent quest to follow the unicorn's trail, turns into a sinister nightmare. “I was so happy to find a book that truly captivated my imagination from beginning to end.” K Johnstone Banished from their village, Otta, and her twin brother Erl, (who has lost his memory),… Read More
How a man lost love of his life. Read More

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A story narrating the tale about the beginning of one of life’s precious elements. Read More
Darsius, a boy with strange roots and carrier of many legacies, was fated by his father's goat to live in the Land of Goats. An adventure following how Darius and his family's companion, Soaty, live out many adventures, far off in the Lost North. Live out the adventures of Darius… Read More

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Will you come along on this adventure? Read More

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Unevia is threatened by an army of demons. 7 years later the entire realm of Bromaric is taken over by the evil force and the young Raelyn finds herself being pulled in a quest filled with magic and battle when they must find the ancient weapon to destroy the… Read More

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Roland sets out to seek his fortune. Along the way, he escapes the clutches of a cruel crone, rescues a winsome wench and learns how not to shoe a horse. He finds his fortune where he least expects it. Read More

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This story is about a man who finds a strange woman. Not knowing who she is or how she got there, he takes it upon himself to find out her story. Read More

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From far-off in the kingdom comes news of a musician with magical powers, and a King and his entourage voyage through the wilderness to encounter him.. Read More

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A little man and a Burro need to rest for the night, and to get out of the rain. Will they find lodging? --- Is that all they will discover on their quest? Read More

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