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Abuse I've suffered at the hands of my dysfunctional, narcissistic family... The son of an alcoholic mother who attempted to drown me at just two years old and a sadistic narcissistic millionaire father who would torment, abuse and beat me on a regular basis throughout my childhood. A victim of… Read More
With all the stuff that was going on in the world when I wrote this (July 2015) I used writing to let off some angst, wrath, fear, confusion, etc. This is not a full story, and is barely a snipit of one. But I will be using it as a… Read More
If a culture is sick it'll naturally produce a sick people. However, it is only a sick society that can produce a Son Of Man. What other kind of culture would need them? Read More
Guardian Angel is a short, short story about racism, and not being welcomed in certain neighborhoods. The story is about a female with a history of panic attacks getting lost in a strange neighborhood. The short tale demonstrates that there is still good in the world when a good Samaritan… Read More
Too many Black People in America have been much too silent for much too long. We have yet to evoke the power of our Ancestors to defeat this internal demon of man, RACISM! Read More

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February 16, 2022

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North America is built on slavery, yet why is it that so many black people are miss-treated in society? African-American people are more American than most, for it is their labour that is a motif in North American culture. Rest In Piece Emmett Till, you're death inspired a whole world… Read More
She was a Savior God gave me when I was young. Read More
A chapter of Holocaust written from the viewpoint of a young Germany solider. Read More
Another flight of fancy about the limits of human experience. Read More

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"Very intriguing and well written. It hooked me at the beginning and I had to find out what was going on." Read More

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This is for Archia's new contest ! The poem is about different mentalities of different people. Unity is needed for a better society. Mental health mainly depends peoples' mentalities.................. Hope you'll enjoy !!! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

One of the most confused and dangerous groups I have ever come across is the white women who only go after black men. I've noticed an underlying pathology there's usually this inferiority complex to other whites that brings about a level of discomfort so they hang out with black people… Read More
A haiku poem about awareness. Read More
A haiku poem about love in a mystical world. Read More
An intergalactic piece of poetry. Read More
An intergalactic piece of poetry. Read More
They say gentility is the heart of the American south but that's not the case in this tawdry tale. Behind mansion walls and tea sipping conversations live deceit, betrayal sex and murder. The Lexington's are the epitome of wealth and power. However, their tranquil world is interrupted when a new… Read More
A black creature before me whose lips are painted a horrid red. I wish my eyes could erase the sight of the living undead. Some past memorabilia should be left solely within the darkness. I wish I can throw it back into the abyss. Read More
USA 1910s, a black doctor fatal victim of racism. 1500 words. WARNING - RACIALLY MOTIVATED MURDER. Read More
A piece of literature that tackles the issue of racism in the African continent. It liberates the mind of the reader, and it inspires black consciousness in all aspects. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Racism in this America is perpetuated by the majority of White America remaining silent and therefore co-signing the second class citizenry of all non-White Americans, and most notably African Americans... Read More

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"I loved this! Great job and I totally agree. White supremacy is sickening, so many people are walking around with blinders on and the worst part..." Read More

1963, Will Wright a young white man from South Carolina, living in a small town at first glance, quiet... Will reflect on the situation of the United States of the 60s, having in memory the speech of Pastor Martin Luther King, how will unfold thereafter, the life of this young… Read More

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