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When you think you have everything in your path cleared, there's just some things that come to make their way onto it. Read More
Terrorism could be the heading of the running chapter in human history though strife had always been its grand title. Assorted terrorist groups to espouse their parochial causes have come to target their ideological opponents with utter cynicism. At least they have an articulated grievance and identified opponents with defined… Read More
Song lrics that speak of the unsung heroes who have blazed the trails for us and how we need to take up where they have left off The radical is the re-evolutionary! Read More
The Second Civil War has erupted in America due to severe political and cultural differences, a boy and sister on opposite sides embrace this new situation. Read More
A collection of short stories about a few fictional people effected by racism and their views upon it in the 1960's Read More
This book is an exploration into the making of a radical environmentalist, and an exploration into the motives that bring two people together, perhaps to love. It is part action, part romance. The theme for this novel came to me after a major power line tower near my community was… Read More
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