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when the Victorian railways decided to shut down the Pircetown line, the whole Island of Pomperoy decide to form their Railway Read More
Rita was waiting for her brother to pick up her from the railway station at night. But he could not arrive on time, then.... Read More
My experience about the beauty of Railway stations. Read More
i thought id write a story based on the poem 'from a railway carriage' and linked it to the father off the railway children as he returns from prison. Please read and let me know what you think and what i could add! mike Read More
Next we found the Railway-Station and bought a Ticket to Melbourne. Our Train was full of People that had just finished work and were going home. Lots of the People had had these Bags that looked like the Doctors Bag in Germany Read More
Imagine walking along the train tracks. something wrote long ago, edited recently. Read More
On a mundane metro ride, the ruminations of two very different people soon seems to show more poignant and tragic implications. A story about how people's dreams and fears show themselves up in the most common place stream of thoughts. Read More
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