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it wouldnt let me edit the title of the last document, so all scenes will be different pieces. These are scenes two, three, and four of the script, hope you love it! comment & like if you like it, or if you wanna suggest something or something like that :D Read More

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i read the story the most dangerous game by Richard Connell and loved it. but then when i watched the movie (which by the way was made in like, 1930) i feel asleep maybe ten minutes into it. i thought it needed to be re-made, redone, re-awesomed! i will now… Read More
This story was done in accordance with an english writing project. We were told to do a project on one of a few choices in subjects. I chose to write a sequel to the short story titled "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connel. PLEASE before reading "The Most Dangerous… Read More
It's a writting assingment! It's a character anaylisis about the character Rainsford from The Most Dangerous Game! I know it's not the best but, try to enjoy! (: Read More
This is my Grade Nine (but marked as a grade ten) essay for The Most Dangerous Game. Please let me know what should be fixed. Its due tomorrow, so please, read and review!! Thanks. Read More

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So I had to publish a character annalyse about a short story we read in class for school. So brace yourselves for excitment and suspense beyond beliefe! Read More
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