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A compendious and concise analysis of Sir Walter Raleigh's masterpiece: 'The Soul's Errand.' Read More
A fictional transcript of the last moments of the ill-fated 'Raleigh'. Just what did happen to all the crew members on board? Read More

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This is the stand-alone Epilogue for those that have already read Screaming in the Silence. Based on reader and fan requests for a more definite ending to the book, Lydia Kelly penned this epilogue to provide more information about the fate of the main characters. Do Raleigh and Kaden reunite?… Read More
The Key of Deus Cor literally translates to: "The Key of God's Heart" meaning Love. The moral, that love can only grow stronger with time, is played out by emotions personified in the poem. Thank you for reading, please leave your thoughts (: Read More
Margaret "Margo" Somers has been through a lot. Her mother died when she was nine, her father has always tried to be both parental figures, and her love life- in short- sucks. And sometimes her obsession with the library and coffee gets in the way of everything, including her love… Read More
A lot has happened to Raleigh in just a few seconds. One, her best friend was knocked out, two, someone has captured her, and three, she is weaponless, leaving her no defense against anything that could happen. She waked on an island of some sort, or a beach, with a… Read More
When Raleigh and her brother move to a small, quaint town in the middle of nowhere, Raleigh finds herself stuck between reality and a plastic life. ~RATED R FOR ADULT SCENES AND MILD CUSSING~ Read More
Sir Walter Raleigh's first command requires strong will and leadership. Read More
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