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John bluntly refused to accept to participate in the retirement party for the reasons best known to him. Read More

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This Article is about Hanuman and Honduras ( a country in central America) Read More
Excerpt: "A lot of ignorance about Ram, Ramayana or our itihaas in general started seeping in when we started limiting our ancient literature as religious text. In the process, we forgot our philosophies, became ignorant about our own history and also started disregarding our very own civilizational identity." Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

a stressed up man meets his love in a lift journey starting from ground floor to sixth floor in a more thrilling way possible Read More

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A condensed history of the world, to the end. Read More

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You know when I meditate every time it stars off the same way, with me sitting on the sand by the beach. I'm sitting Indian style with my palms facing up at the sky, my eyes are closed, but I still can see the ocean and waves in front of… Read More
Will Humanity Pay the Ultimate Price for One Man's Arrogance? When the Roslin Institute in Scotland cloned Dolly the sheep, the scientific and ethical repercussions were immediate and vast. What would this mean for the field of human cloning? The Enemy of Mankind is a compelling science fiction thriller that… Read More
Although Islam completely rejects the Biblical doctrine of substitutionary atonement, namely the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ, yet the principle of ransom as a release from death can be found in the Qur’an. The fact that the Qur'an testifies that Allah redeemed Abraham’s son by means of a ransom sacrifice,… Read More
Dedicated To Om Sai Ram!!-"God Of Humanity!" Read More

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A boy was sad when his plane left but it was not his bad luck but it was his good luck. Why? Read the story to find out! Read More
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